My Bedside Shelf // Redecorating My Room

Before school started all over again in September and it all became busier, I sort of redecorate my room. I’m saying “sort of” because what I did was declutter my room and reorganize & decorate my bedside shelf.

PIC2 (2)

Yes, instead of a bedside table, I have a shelf just in front of my bed, so I decided to call it “bedside shelf”. I’m not sure if this is the correct term but I couldn’t find a more exact name for it. So lets start with this little tour!

PIC2 (1)

Currently I have this really simple black & white bed sheet that I really like. It’s also reversible, so that’s a plus! Moving into the actual shelf, the first level I must admit it’s a bit of a mess. It’s that place where I keep my bits & pieces. In terms of body care you can find my deodorant, my moisturizer & my lip balm. I’ve also got a couple of watches, the light I use to read at bed & jewelers where I keep my bracelets, earrings, necklaces…

PIC4 (1)

Going up we have the shelf I love the most! As you can see on the left side I’ve got all my Vogue issues (yes, I’ve got quite a few!) and on the right I keep my other magazines. In the middle I keep the book I’m currently reading (Invierno en Las Vegas), my e-reader & the Vogue of the month. To give it a personalized touch, I added my initials in wooden letters.

Finally, on the last level of the shelf, I have a unicorn bag which I love so much and where I keep clothes catalogues (I collect them as well). Then we have a picture of when I was little in the Madame Tussauds’ Museum. And of course, I had to add this mini cinema light box I got last Christmas with a quote that inspires me: “DREAMS BECOME A REALITY”. Because they do, if you work hard amazing things happen. And to end this little tour, I’ve got all my Top Model magazines with which I was obsessed as a child.

This is my little tour to my bedside shelf! I hope you liked it! It’s the first time I’m showing you a big part of my room so would love to hear your feedback about it!

Love, M.





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