Halloween Costumes (but make it fashion)

Happy Halloween! The spooky season started a while ago, but for those who go last-minute, today I’m sharing with you four different costumes that are pretty easy to put together and you can totally rock this Halloween.

But because I love fashion, this time I decided to look for inspiration at what are the hottest trends of the season. What I like about them is that because they are “Halloween costumes, but make it fashion”, it’s more likely that you’ll wear the clothes you’ve used again. I also went for quite open topics so that everybody can adjust it to its preferences. And finally, because you use trendy clothes, it’s easy to find a similar piece at your favourite store.


As seen on many fashion shows, holographic and metallic fabrics are huge this season. And if you put it together with the neon trend, you can get a really cool alien costume. Because who doesn’t think of space when they hear holographic?


TRENDS: holographic, neon & metallic

HAIR & MAKE-UP: I think that nothings suits this costume more than two buns and maybe you could even add some sort of metallic headband to make take it to the next level. About the make-up, I think you’ve got two options: go for neon shades or metallics.

CLOTHES: UO Shoes // P&B Dress // Zara Jacket // Bershka Bodysuit // Bershka Shoes // UO Roll-on Shimmer // H&M Bodysuit //


I said it in one of my previous posts, the 80s are back! I think that dressing like a girl from a previous decade is always a good idea. And taking advantage of the 80s trend, this year I encourage you to dress like the ages of wide shoulders, bold colours, ruffle dresses, padded jackets…


TRENDS: 80s comeback

HAIR & MAKE-UP: I feel that for this look what works is a voluminous hairstyle with curls. And the 80s are known for its bold make-up so given that is Halloween, try to step out and do something colorful!

CLOTHES: Bershka Jacket // H&M Jersey // P&B Jacket // Topshop Windbreaker // P&B T-Shirt // Topshop T-Shirt // Zara Jeans


The western inspiration is becoming more and more popular with boots, denim and even hats everywhere. So if you’ve always wanted to be a cowgirl, this is your year. Finding your perfect costume shouldn’t be hard. And the good thing is that you’re going to be wearing the pieces after Halloween.


TRENDS: cowboy boots, denim & cowboy hats

HAIR & MAKE-UP: If you want to be an authentic cowgirl just put your hair into two braids. And to give it a more girly touch to the whole costume, apply a good amount of blush on your cheeks and lots of mascara on your eyelashes. You can even draw to your face some fake freckles.

CLOTHES: Mango Boots // Zara Hat // P&B Belt // Zara Boots // Topshop Jeans // Zara Blouse // P&B Bandanna


Dressing up as an spy may be quite usual but that’s because you’ll wlawys find something black in stores. And this year with leather being in, it makes the perfect combo. Or you can always dress like Ms. Smith in some black dress.


TRENDS: eternal black & leather

HAIR & MAKE-UP: I think that this costume gives more freedom about the hair, but what suits it perfectly is a high ponytail or some slicked low bun. About the make-up I find a black eyeliner essential and then black or red lips depending on the vibe you want to go for.

CLOTHES: Zara Gloves // UO Pants // Zara Skirt // Mango Shoes // H&M Trench Coat // P&B Trousers // Bershka Tights

So here you have my four options for this Halloween! I decided to make this post in a last minute decision, but I still hope that those of you haven’t chosen what to dress as this year can get some inspiration. And keep in mind, you can always add the scary factor in your costume! And if you already have chosen your costume, hooray! Save these ideas for next year.

Love, M.


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