Uncovering Fashion

I really like fashion, I really do. I love to find out what is going on in the fashion world through Vogue (digitally or on paper!). I eagerly wait for fashion month to commence so that I can watch the shows online and just be amazed by all the clothes. I love to scroll through Pinterest and find outfit inspiration. However, sometimes I find myself wondering how fashion truly works.  

In an attempt to discover more about what goes inside the fashion industry and get to know in more depth some of the careers in it, I’m launching a project in which I will try to uncover fashion (hence the title!).

The title may sound a bit pretentious. Quite frankly, many other people are in a better position to talk about fashion and could make a better job. But this is my way to set foot in fashion and get to know it better. So, in other words, I am uncovering fashion or at least, to myself. It is also a form for me to talk more about fashion, write about it and read about it.

The plan is to tackle different aspects of fashion I am interested in or want to know more about and for each topic, there will be a different mini-series. Although, ultimately, I think it will be somewhat of an ever-evolving project.

I would also love that people who are interested in fashion as well could participate and share their opinion. But I still must figure out how I can incorporate that.

With this being said, welcome to UNCOVERING FASHION! In other words, me finding out more about the fashion industry and sharing it on the Internet.

Stay tuned!

Love, M.

P.S. I will also be extending this project to my social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram, I am planning on sharing articles I find interesting, podcasts I have listened to, inspiration etc. under the hashtag #uncoveringfashion.

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