Today is the 23rd of April and here, in Catalunya, we celebrate LA DIADA DE SANT JORDI (Saint George's Day). But this year, it's going to be a bit different... Illustration by @joanturu Usually, on this day, the towns' streets and squares are full of people and stalls of books and roses. We celebrate this… Continue reading UN SANT JORDI DIFERENT

Book Review: Otoño en Londres & Invierno en Las Vegas

Last week I ended what is the second book of a trilogy from Andrea Izquierdo. It's called "Invierno en Las Vegas" and I enjoyed reading every single page of it. The previous book was "Otoño en Londres" and I have to say that I hadn't liked a book for so long until I read this.… Continue reading Book Review: Otoño en Londres & Invierno en Las Vegas

My Bedside Shelf // Redecorating My Room

Before school started all over again in September and it all became busier, I sort of redecorate my room. I'm saying "sort of" because what I did was declutter my room and reorganize & decorate my bedside shelf. Yes, instead of a bedside table, I have a shelf just in front of my bed, so… Continue reading My Bedside Shelf // Redecorating My Room

Bookshelf Update

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! I thought it could be nice to write here a little bookshelf update. I did one this Spring and as you liked it, I'm going to repeat it! As you may now, I really enjoy reading so this Summer I took advantage of my free time and… Continue reading Bookshelf Update