MARIONESS is a blog in which all the things that make me who I am come together.

The history of MARIONESS begins in Summer 2016 and with a bored teenager (Mariona). The rest is history. This blog started as a place for me to share all what made me happy (which consisted of stationary, food, movies & DIYs). However, I feel like it has become more of an ever-evolving project that changes and grows with me.

Here you will find a bit of everything that I like. This right now means (mostly) fashion related content and my journey as I explore and discover the world of fashion. But I as well do like to talk about music, movies, what is going through my mind or every other thing that inspires me.

A portfolio page where I can put together all my different projects is also in the works.

Welcome to MARIONESS! I hope you love this corner of the Internet as much as I do.

Instagram: @marionablasiballus / Pinterest: @mrnblsblls / Twitter: @mrnblsblls / Spotify

79 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Mariona! , I am glad I met you! Thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I love your posts, and I am looking forward to exploring more! 😊
    P.S- I love your name❀️ .

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  2. Love your blog, you are so creative and offer a lot of variety, no one can get bore visiting you, that’s for sure… keep it up …

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  3. Your writing skills are so good and I am looking forward to seeing more from your blog. I have followed you. BTW, before you become a success get a domain.


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    1. Thank you girl!! I hope you like my posts!! Thanks for following me!!
      Yeah, I was thinking of it and now that you say that I will defintley try to do it!
      Thanks for all the sweet words!!

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