About Me


MARIONESS is a blog full of fashion, inspirational things & lifestyle. It’s the perfect place to get lost while scrolling down & have a fun time reading posts. So if you love fashion & all things aesthetically pleasing this is the place for you. Just have fun exploring the blog!

But who is behind MARIONESS you might be wondering? This has to be me, Mariona! I’m a sixteen year old girl who loves to create content & it’s a fashion enthusiast. So I decided to share my passions with the world! I’m a lover of all things creative!

And this is it! But if you still want to know more about me, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest! Or you can also go to the Contact Me page and leave a message!

Love, M.

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79 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mariona! , I am glad I met you! Thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I love your posts, and I am looking forward to exploring more! 😊
    P.S- I love your name❀️ .

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  2. Love your blog, you are so creative and offer a lot of variety, no one can get bore visiting you, that’s for sure… keep it up …

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  3. Your writing skills are so good and I am looking forward to seeing more from your blog. I have followed you. BTW, before you become a success get a domain.


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