December Favourites

Hello everybody and happy 2017!!! Now that 2016 is over and with it the last year of the month I’m going to share with you some of my favourites during the festive month.

But before, I just wanted to wish you a 2017 full of happiness and joy! A year for being happier, healthier and a year to achieve your goals. Now that we are starting a new year I want to say a huge thank you to everybody that reads me whether it was from the start or you are just new here (in this case, HI!). I’m so happy that you joined me in my blogging journey so if you haven’t already, don’t forget to click the little button down below!


And with no more words, let’s jump right into the post!

As many as you know, back in December I did Blogmas so I didn’t have much time to try new things for the full schedule I had. So in this post you will also see some of my November favourites too.

December, is the time for cold days and dark afternoons and I think there’s no better thing for protecting yourself than some scarves. During the last month I have been wearing some of them a lot and they are super practical and easy to combine. I would preferably go for some with neutral colours to combine it more easily, but that’s completely up to you!


I have also seen some adorable beanies with two pompons that were just so cute and I love them!

Next thing for keeping me cold during the days around Christmas was my long and pastel pink padded jacket. Apart from the cold during December you usually have some dinners or lunches to go and because it’s Christmas you dress up for this special occasion. And that’s why I’ve been using this jacket a lot because it really suits with everything and it’s so warming plus is so light.


Now we move into beauty obsessions and this month Beauticology it’s the main brand. I’ve got two things from this brand and it’s totally amazing, the smell of their products is gorgeous and really good. I’ve got their body scrub and their body butter and I’m loving them. They work perfectly and the packaging, the colour and the smell are so good.

Then, in terms of hair I’ve been using a lot the Garnier Fructis hair mask. And for the moment I have obtained amazing results. I think that cleans so good your hair and after putting this one your hair is unreleased and strong. And for my lips I got some strawberry lip balm that it’s so cute. The packaging is an emoji face and the balm inside really hydrates your lips.


Moving into books and films the book I have read and really enjoy is Geek Girl 4. All that Glitters. If any of you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should defintely check out this book series written by Holly Smale. I’m now on the fourth one and I enjoyed every single one. It’s a funny book series oriented for teens.


And for films I have to say that Rouge One: A Star Wars StoryRouge One: A Star Wars Story. This film surprised me in a very positive way, I thought it would be some kind of not so good film that Disney made for making more money, but no. I really enjoyed watching it and I’ll recommend it to everyone.

On the food section a fave of mine when Christmas is here I love to eat some Lindt bonbons or Ferrero Rocher. They are just delicious! The Lindt ones are from different type of chocolates and they have a more solid outside with a creamy inside. On the other hand the Ferrero Rocher is made of chocolate and nuts and has various layers with a hazelnut in the middle. They are both so yummy that I couldn’t choose one!


And finally on the music category I have listened a lot of Christmas songs as it’s Christmas time, but one I particualrly loved is Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Frank Sinatra. I discovered this one while I was doing my Christmas Vibes Playlist and since then I really liked it.

And the other one is Wannabe by Spice Girls.I know it’s not super new or that I’m not discovering you any new song. But I heard this song a lot during the last months, mostly in November because December was full of Christmas songs.


And that’s all for my first post 0f 2017! I hope you liked it and that it was a great way to start the year.

I also want you to share your favourites these latest months! And if you know any Christmas song don’t desire and share it in the comments to enjoy the few days that remain until Christmas is really finshed.



26 thoughts on “December Favourites

  1. YASSS Wannabe by the Spice Girls, its never too late to get hooked onto that song. It’s such an oldie but goodie for sure! I’ve been needed a good book series to read- totally going to check that one out- sounds like a nice feel good light hearted kind of book, thanks for the suggestion!!!

    xo, JJ

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