New Year, New Life

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today we are saying goodbye to the last day of 2016 and welcoming 2017 a year for new oportunities! I really hope your year has been good and if it hasn’t been a good one for you, make a 2017 better!


For today, I’m going to do something slightly different and I’m going to share with you a not-real story I wrote a few weeks ago. It happens during New Year’s Eve so I think it’s perfect for today. As you would see, it also has some blogging involved. I hope you like it! And tell me in the comments if you did because if you do, I will share with you the next part with you in a few days!

I was going up the stairs that lead to the attic, my mother had asked me to go and look for the glasses for special occasions. It was the 31st of December and we were celebrating New Year’s Eve at my house. Up there, a silent tomb reigned and while I was approaching to the dark room I was only hearing my steps, but inside my brain there was a lack of clarity. This year, nothing happened as I planned, I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do with my life and even less what to study. Obviously, I knew I would have to do something, but I still hadn’t found what.

In this stance full of past memories I started to look for the glasses and I found them very quickly. I was going to go down when something attached my attention. It was a small box decorated by child hand’s of an eight year old girl, the little me. I couldn’t contain myself, in this moment, millions of ideas were going trough my mind: ¿What contained? ¿Why was it there?

So after doubting a little bit, I opened the box. With only opening the padlock, it seems as if I was reliving my past. Inside the tiny ark there were many objects I use to appreciate a lot and the most important, a letter I wrote to my future me, that’s me right now. I crouched down and I got comfortable between all antiques. There were furniture of all types, from cribs to old closets, and I could even see the legs of a toy table.

It would be years since all this was here and probably nobody has ventilated, that’s why the room smelled like dust mixed with humidity. Next to me there was an old coffee maker and as a set I had a mattress. I carefully read and suddenly nothing really cared, I was immersed in my own words and reflecting. I remember all the big dreams I had and also that I didn’t accomplish them. Just when a tear has been slipping my mum yelled me.

– Have you found them? It’s been a while since you went up! ¿Do you want me to help you?

– No, don’t worry, I already found them. I had entretained with some stuff from when I was a child. I’m coming! – I answered to her shouting.

I went down immediatley, not without first catching the precious letter, fold it and put it inside my pocket. I helped my mum to prepare the big meal for this special day. I really like to decorate tables and take care of every detail. But I like even most to cook and all the Christmas spirit so for a moment, I forgot all the troubles and I enjoyed this instant. When we finished preparing the meal there were still two hours for the guests to come so I went to my room and I continue reading the letter. After finishing reading, I realized of the amount of dreams I had and that I didn’t accomplish them.

realized how dreamy I had been, but even that, I was going to try to do my maximum with the things that were possible in that list. Some of them I clearly saw that were impossible like meet a unicorn, but others with effort I could achieve it. I wanted to climb a remote mountain, travel to all over the world, influence into people, fight for the ideas I believe in and the list continued with nearly impossible things that could be achieved with sweat and dedication.

I decided that my life should not continue like this, it had to give a brutal change. I decided that 2017 was going to be a year of changes and that nobody was going to impede me to act how I want, to dress how I feel comfortable and that I chose my path with no doubts. Nothing would ever be the same and to achieve all this I had to start now. I start working on it, I made a list of what I wanted to do, my biggest dreams, but also smaller ones that will be noticed in the everyday life.

Meanwhile, I was working I noticed that I couldn’t do this alone, I thought of thousands ways to share it with people until I came up with the best: starting a blog. This will be my little corner of the Internet where my dreams will be turned into plans and later in realities. Besides, it was a good tool to help people that were in the same situation than mine, whatever was his age. But for the moment I will keep the anonymity.

At the end of the day, I had a blog design and ready to publish it on midnight. I was really proud of the result and I couldn’t wait for my new adventure to start. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I had many doubts and a huge insecurity, but there was no alternative, I had to get out of the pessimistic loop I entered and start building the life I want. And with all my ideas bouncing around my brain, dinner time arrived. I got ready super quickly because I was immersed in my thoughts and I lost the sense of time. Even with that, I did the best I could. I thought it was a good starting for the new stage I was just starting.


And that’s all about this post! I hope you liked it and that you enjoy the reading! I also hope you are having a wonderful last day of the year. And I wish you a better 2017 full of amazing things!

Tell me in the comments if you liked it for me to share the second part with you the next year. I’m also planning new posts, so if you have any idea you would like let me know in the comments below!




Ps. Thank you for 209 subscribers! It’s amazing how this blog is growing! Thank you all!


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