3 Unique ways to decor your bedroom

Hello everybody and welcome back to another post! I like to decorate my room with different types of DIY and I use to change them a lot. And that’s why I decided to share with you the latest changes I did in my bedroom. I hope you like it! And let me know in the comment if you decor your bedroom and how.

The first thing I did was this cool purple letters with cardstock, they are really easy to do and I think they give to your room an especial touch. I did it with purple because it combines with other think that I have in my bedroom and I think that like this it all has a harmony.

So, if you’re wondering how to do it, keep reading…

For this you’re going to need:

All you have to do is fold and cut the cardstock how it shows you in the patterns. For sticking it in the wall I just did a circle with the washitape and stick it to the letter to then fix it to the wall. I think is pretty easy and it looks wonderful!

This DIY was inspired by this blog: http://blogg.skonahem.com/hemmamedhelena/2015/04/16/pyssel-vika-bokstaver-av-papper-beskrivning-pa-hela-alfabetet/

The next craft I did was this cactus garland. I think it looks very cute on shelves and you can do multiple versions of it, I also made a donut garland.

You’re going to need:

  • Thick thread
  • Drilling machine
  • Pink and green cardstock
  • Black marker

This one is a little more complicated to do, but I think is worth it. What you’re going to do first is create some different templates (I made three different ones) inspiring you with the ones I did. Then you’re going to copy them multiple times (at depend of how long you want to make it) in the green cardstock. After that you’ll draw some flowers into the pink cardstock. Then all you have to do is cut it and glue the flowers to the cactus how you want. Next, you’re going to drill each cactus up and with some little pieces of thread you are going to make a ring. Finally, all you have to do is put the cactus rings into the thick thread. And that’s all! You now have a beautiful garland!

Finally, I did this cardstocks with watercolour quotes, I’m going out it on somewhere visible for when I wake up seeing it instantly and start good the day. It’s easy to do, all you have to do is maybe practice a little your handwriting.

For this we are going to need:

  • White cardstock
  • Watercolours
  • Brush

The first thing I did was fold the cardstock by the middle because, like this it holds by itself. Then I wrote the quote with beautiful handwriting (okay, I tried) with a pencil and then I erased a little bit. After that I went over with the watercolour and I waited until it was dry. When it was dry I rewrite the quote again with a black marker and it was all finshed!

Here are all the DIY I did for decoring my bedroom, I hope you like it and that you find it inspiring in some way. I will see you in the next post!

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