Winter and Autumn 2016/17 Fashion Trends

Autumn is coming and that means a new season with new fashion trends. So today I’m going to show you some tendencys for this autumn and winter. I’ve been searching on the internet, magazines and pinterest and this is what I’ve found. But before let me remind you something:

According to the dictionary fashion is the most popular style of clothes or behaviour at a particular time. Meanwhile, style is a way of doing something that is typical of a particular person, group,place, or period. So, acording to that you can be fashionable and have your own style because you combine clothes how you want and how you think it looks the best for you.

Let’s start with the new trends!

First of all we are going to start with the different styles you are going to see this cold season:

As the last season, the sporty chic style is going to be a trend and we are going to see it with sport trausers that they have been formalized but, they still save the black/white/grey lines on each side.

One new trend that it is stomping is the ballet inspired style. I really love this style because I think it’s so femenin and pink. You’re going to find with ballerina shoes and tulle skirts. But they have also given to some clothes a more rock and grunche style with tacks and black parts.

We are also going to see a lot of military inspired clothes, like military jacket or military boots in colours like green, brown or grey.

In the recent seasons we have seen that the 80’s and 90’s style is coming back and this one is no exception. You’re going to see denim jackets, bombers, baggy pants and patches.

And finally a very old style is returning, and this is the Victorian style with pompous and reloaded dresses with a lot of frills and layers.

Moving into fabrics and textures the TOP texture, this winter is going to be velvet. We’re going to see it everywhere, in shoes, shirts, trousers, handbags… I think that this fabric gives a very chic touch to your outfit.

Another fabric we will see a lot is going to be sequins. We are going to wear it mostly on skirts and shirts. I think that this one is not a very casual one, but if you want, you can wear it how you want and when you want.

We are also going to see a lot of broidery, mostly flowers in dark shades because it’s much more wintry.

Lastly the denim fabric, that is a classic. This one is going to be everywhere from shirts to trousers, from handbags to shoes. I think is an interesting one because it combines with almost everything.

We are going to continue with different jackets. The first one that I say before is the denim jacket. But this time we will wear it oversized and with a lot of patches that make it very personal. I think this is a great idea because you can easily customize your jacket and adapt it to your own style.

Another similar jacket that during the summer has also been a trend is the bomber jacket with different patterns and colours.

A classical is the biker jacket, but this time they add the different sizes. We are going to see it more short or more large than the usual ones.

And a more daring option is a fur jacket but with different colours like red, green or blue.

Finally an 80’s  and 90’s trends are the padded jackets. I know that some people really like it and that others hate it. But it’s up to you to wear it or not. I think it can shelter you on the cold days.

Moving into random things, it’s still a trend going with bare shoulders. I personally like this trend, it’s so cute but I see no support with the cold days.

A great combination of bare shoulders are bell sleeves with a lot of frills. Two trends that we are going to see it a lot and they are super feminine.

Another trend is the pleated skirt, but this time are midi, they reach below the knees. We are going to see it a lot with metalized colours.

Finally a trend that I first find it a little bit strange was wearing a shirt under a dress. It’s a little odd and  singular but gradually we will see it more. And if you know how to combine it, it can look amazing.

The shoes that are stomping are the high and tight boots above the knee. They are really easy to combine and they are really warm.

We will also see walking and military shoes a little bit more chic but we will also find some black original military shoes. They are really comfortable for long days.

One trend that is a little bit different form the ones above is wearing shoes that you can see the socks. Usually this socks are brightly colored.

And finally the masculine shoes we saw last year are also a trend, but this time with platforms that give a more sophisticated touch.

Moving into accessories we will also wear the chockers that were a trend this summer, but this time a wider version and with thicker fabrics.

The colours we are going to see in the clothes this season are the vibrant red, the mustard yellow, the green trees and the militar green, the navy and sky blue, the baby purple and pink, the camel brown, the orange and the grey.

So these are all the different trends we are going to see this season. I think there is a wide variety and mostly everyone can find one that fits in her or his personal style.

I hope you’re excited as I am for autumn and winter! And let me know in the comments which trend do you like the most, I think my favourite one is the ballerina style and the bomber jacket.

See you in a next post!



*Any of these images are my own. I find them in pinterest and I will link down below all the links*

Sporty chcic1:

Sporty chic 2:

Sporty chic 3:

Sporty chic 4:

Sporty chic 5:

Ballet inspired 1:

Ballet inspired 2:

Ballet inspired 3:

Ballet inspired 4:

Ballet inspired 5:

Militar clothes 1:

Militar clothes 2:

Militar clothes 3:

Militar clothes 4:

Militar clothes 5:

80 and 90 1:

80 and 90 2:

80 and 90 3:

80 and 90 4:

80 and 90 5:

Victorian style 1:

Victorian style 2:

Victorian style 3:

Victorian style 4:

Victorian style 5:

Velvet 1:

Velvet 2:

Velvet 3:

Velvet 4:

Velvet 5:

Sequins 1:

Sequins 2:

Sequins 3:

Sequins 4:

Sequins 5:ç

Broidery 1:

Broidery 2:

Broidery 3:

Broidery 4:

Broidery 5:

Denim jacket 1:

Denim jacket 2:

Denim jacket 3:

Denim jacket 4:

Denim jacket 5:

Bomber jacket 1:

Bomber jacket 2:

Bomber jacket 3:

Bomber jacket 4:

Bomber jacket 5:

Biker 1:

Biker 2:

Biker 3:

Biker 4:

Biker 5:

Fur jacket 1:

Fur jacket 2:

Fur jacket 3:

Fur jacket 4:

Fur jacket 5:

Padded jacket 1:

Padded jacket 2:

Padded jacket 3:

Padded jacket 4:

Padded jacket 5:

Bell and frills 1:

Bell and frills2:

Bell and frills 3:

Bell and frills 4:

Bell and frills 5:

Pleated skirt 1:

Pleated skirt 2:

Pleated skirt 3:

Pleated skirt 4:

Pleated skirt 5:

Shirt under dress 1:

Shirt under dress 2:

Shirt under dress 3:

Shirt under dress 4:

Shirt under dress 5:

Chocker 1:

Chocker 2:

Chocker 3:

Chokcer 4:

Chocker 5:

Shoes 1:

Shoes 2:

Shoes 3:

Shoes 4:

Shoes 5:

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  1. Shirt under the dress is something we used to do in high school! I am a secret old lady at heart and love Victorian style! Glad it is making a comeback!

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