It’s My Favourite(s) Time Of The Year!

Hi there!

I’m back again, this time to share you some of my latest favourites. I feel like I hadn’t done one of these in a long time and you seem to love it! So over the last two months I have been keeping some favourites and today I’m showing you them. Just keep reading!

The first thing I have been loving is my Christmas pyjamas mostly because the festive days are arriving and I’m so excited (although I wear this pyjamas all year long). It has some cute golden trees and the typical Christmas printing.

Next we have my new sweatshirt, which some of you may already seen on Instagram. I just love it! It’s so comfy and the colours are amazing. I have to say that it’s from Pull & Bear and it just goes with everything. I’m wearing it 24/7!

Moving one we have these sparkly socks! I have never had any funny socks until this year and I think they are the perfect complement to the look. They just give to it something special!

Entering in the beauty section, I wanted to share with you the shampoo and hair mask I have been using. They are from a brand called Tahe (I had never heard of it since my mum bought them) and they leave your hair beautiful. Really recommend them!

And just because it’s cold outside, our hands might get dry. That’s why I’ve been using the Tabaiba hand cream. It really works and a bit of it goes perfectly. A must have during winter!

Finally, because these last days I was through a lot of exams, one thing that has helped me with my organization is this purple pencil case. It’s so simple, but at the same time the perfect place to put all your pens in.

And these are all my favourites! I hope you liked reading this post and that I gave you some ideas. Now, let me know what have your favourites been in the comments!

Love, M.

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