Christmas Throwback!

Hello everybody & welcome back to my blog! Today it’s time to do a little throwback and see what I was posting these days last year. If you don’t know it, last year I did Blogmas which consists of posting every day from the first of December to Christmas. And let me tell you that I absolutely loved it!

But this year I decided to keep it more simple and post from time to time, although during the month of December all the posts will be Christmas related. And for those who weren’t here last year and those who want to do a little throwback, here you have some of my favourites post from last December!


The first one has to be the Christmas Tag. Which I published on Christmas Eve and where I answer some 18 Christmas related questions. Go and check it out if you want to know how I celebrate Christmas better!


I just loved this post! In it, you will find a bit more about how I celebrate my Christmas and what we do in our country, Catalonia, during these days. It’s a must read if you like to discover new things.


Just a throwback about how we decorated our home last Christmas. Just love to look them because they make me remember of last years Christmas and of good moments. Oh! And if you want some Christmas decoration inspiration you can check it out too!


If you aren’t still all about Christmas, read this post! After it you will feel just so Christmassy… Because this is what this season is all about!


Because you know how much I love Christams music! And although I did one this December too, here you will find more music and a direct link to my Spotify list. Just start dancing!


And if you have some free time during the holidays, here you have some super festive things to do! Just to get into the Christmas spirit!

And here you have some of my favourite posts from last years Blogmas! Which one you liked the most? Did you read all of these posts last year? Comment all this below!

Love, M.

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