Christmas Favourites


Hello everybody!!!! And welcome back to my Blogmas!!! How it’s December doing? For me really well and I couldn’t be more excited to bring you a new post. But first of all for all the new people, I want to give you a warm welcome and let you know that because it’s Christmas I’m going to be blogging every single day until Christmas Eve!

But before I just want it to make s quick introduction to my new blog design. The home page has been converted in a huge Advent Calendar and every single day a windows will be reveled! What do you think?? I find it quite cool and original! And for give it that fancy touch, I added a snow storm!! I hope you liked it as much as I do!

For Day 3 I decided to share my Christmas favourites, you know these particular things that when you see them or feel them you think, it’s Christmas! So even tough it’s the climate, the lights or the atmosphere some things make Christmas and down below you have a list of what makes Christmas for me!

1. Christmas Lights

When you are walking on the streets, it’s getting darker and suddenly all the Christmas lights turn on, it feels so Christmas. Or you can enjoy a perfect pre-Christmas evening going for a relaxing walk and meanwhile enjoy the Christmas lights. You will love it!

2. Christmas songs all around

When it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas(hahaha!) you just want to play some cool and Christmas songs. And it’s one of my favourites things to do in December as you can deduce from my latest post! Which song is your favourite??

Don’t know what to listen? Check my huge list of Christmas songs here.

3.Decorated trees

When Christmas is around the corner, everybody set ups their trees and decorate them. But apart from both the lights and the decorations on it I also love the smell of it and how it stays in the houses.

4.Cozy blankets

I love sitting in my sofa and read a good book or watch a film with my family. And of course I can’t stay with a cozy blanket. So it was just for time that it appears in one of my favourites.

5. Yummy cookies

Yummy cookies, perfect for this time of year! We all get creative and want to bake more in winter so I really like the cooking of these days. Form sweet deserts to yummy dishes I love it all! But being honestly I love food all the year…

6. Long time with family

Christmas is time to see the family and have a good and long time with them. Although you always see your family or not, Christmas is the perfect excuse to do things together! You can decor your tree, go for a walk and enjoy some dinner together.

7.Advent Calendars

Even you have the ultimate beauty calendar or the traditional chocolate ones they are both perfect for the waiting of Christmas. And I’m always super excited to start the calendar or every morning ope one windows of it!

8. Giving and receiving presents

When Christmas arrives is time for giving presents, and that’ s so cool. You can wrap it up how you want and be original with the gift inside. But it’s much more fun receiving! Which item is in your Christmas Wishlist this year??

9.Cold and dark afternoons

It’s not always funny a cold and dark afternoon but is one of those things that makes you feel Christmas. You can stay cozy inside or go for a walk. Just made the best of them!

10. Scarves and bobble hats

It’s time for scarves and bobble hats.If got quite a few of this and recently I have started putting them more and more, because now is frizzing cold outside! And for not to say that they are a most of this time of year.

11. Hot drinks like hot chocolate

And it’s not winter without hot drinks such as hot chocolate. When it’s cold you just want to arrive home or find a fancy shop with hot drinks for instantly feel warmer. So which one is your favourite hot drink?

12.Books and films Christmas related

Yes, another most. They are so many beautiful Christmas films and every year come up more and more. So in the Christmas holidays it’s good to catch up with some of them. But not forget the books, it’s the perfect time to read this book you always wanted but never have the time to do it.

And that’s all for this post, I hope you liked it and you find it enjoyable! Which is your most favourite of Christmas??

I’m also planning to do a late November favourites such as the Summer or Back To School ones. What do you think?? It would be a little bit late, but it’s never late for a list of favourites!!

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53 thoughts on “Christmas Favourites”

  1. I really do love Christmas lights, I feel like they just make me so cozy and warm and I really can’t explain but they make me happy! I also really do enjoy hot chocolate :D Wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you girl!! I’m happy you are liking all my Christmas post/ Blogmas!! Yes, for me the Christmas tree has a perticulary smell!
      Help me to spread my blog to other pepole by teelling them about my blog! It would make me so happy! :)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Marioness I have nominated you for most inspirational blogger award! Your blog really inspires me and helps me work on my own. I will be announcing the awards on my blog soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this post. Christmas lights are just so pretty! I love going around the neighborhoods that really go all out with their lights on Christmas Eve. My favourite Christmas food is the ham – seriously could not have Christmas without it. Can’t wait to see the rest of your posts!

    Sarah’s Abode -xx


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