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Hello everybody and welcome to Blogmas day 4!!

I’m super excited and so happy for how all this is going! You are loving my new posts and me too, and also it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! I’m so happy my little blog is growing so much and all your sweet comments. Also, don’t forget to spread this blog with people you think they will like it!! I’m always grateful!

For today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you some ideas of books and films to read during this countdown for Christmas or these Holidays!

Because, as I said before reading a good book or watching a good film during the Christmas season is perfect but also essential. So here it comes a list for you to read/watch. If you think that some of your favourite Christmas books/films is missing feel free to add it on the comments and share it with us!

First of all the cartoon ones, and that means no less and no more than Arthur Christmas. I watched this film quite a few Christmases ago, when it actually came up on the cinema so I don’t remember much of it. But I know I have a very funny and Christmas time. Also, it’s about the huge operation that Santa has to do every Christmas eve.

Arthur Christmas: OperaciΓ³n regalo Poster  Polar Express Poster

Then a classic one, Polar Express. I also watched this one a long ago and I don’t really know if I finished (oops!) but I have heard some great reviews of it. So it could be a good one for the Holidays.

And now it’s time for the wonderful film… FROZEN. So this one I saw it not a long ago and it’s amazing. Although most of you will already see it. If you haven’t, go and see it when you finish reading this post! It’s a beautiful story with such an amazing characters! I particularly love Olaf, it’s so funny and cute!

Frozen: El reino del hielo Poster  Vacaciones Poster

Moving into real characters a popular one, is The Holiday I saw this less than a year ago and I really liked. This one, it’s a modern one and it’s about two women that change houses and there they find love. Another one is Love Actually, I haven’t watched it yet, but I have heard of it and I think it’s quite similar to the one above. So if any of you have watched it tell me what you think in the comments!

This one, it’s not actually about Christmas, but around this time of year Winter/Christmas it makes me so happy and cozy watch one of the Harry Potter films. And apart because it’s holidays you have more time to watch it full at once, or even if you are a huge fan of it finish the whole series!

Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal Poster  Solo en casa Poster

And finishing the movies section we have Home Alone. This one is quite a classical one because it happens during the Christmas season as many of the others above. It’s about a boy who is left alone at home for his parents during the Christmas season and what he does to survive. Very funny!

Moving into the books. In the summer, I read a Christmas book (yes, it actually happened) that I really liked it. And it is Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances. It’s written by three good authors that explain three different stories that at the end came together. I love how well written it is and all the Christmas vibes.

All Wrapped Up (Geek Girl, #1.5)  Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances

Next, as I am a huge fan of Geek Girl I will recommend the book of this serie that is themed during the Christmas season and it is Geek Girl All Wraped Up. I haven’t read it yet, but I will try to get it and read it as soon as I can because it looks so cool.

It’s also a good time to start a saga or a trilogy such as Divergent or The Hunger Games because you have more time to read. Any recommendations on new sagas you think I may like??

Divergent Series Complete Box Set (Divergent, #1-3)  The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset (The Hunger Games, #1-3)

And here it finishes my Christmas films and books post. I hope you liked it and that you find some inspiration for this Christmas. And if you watch or read something that is on this list make sure to let me know!!

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Arthur Christmas:

Polar Express:


The Holiday:

Harry Potter:

Home Alone:


Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances:

Geek Girl. All Wrapped Up:

Divergent Saga:

The Hunger Games Saga:


14 thoughts on “Christmas Books and Films

  1. Hey Marioness!

    Nice list for sure!! Gotta love some of those classic movies like Home Alone and Harry Potter! I barely remember The Holiday–I just remember I didn’t hate it, so I guess that works haha! You forgot the Charlie Brown Christmas Special! That’s a Christmas season ritual for my mom and I in our home.

    Love your Blogmas and blog in general! Definitely following, and again, it’s great meeting you! Connecting with awesome people is…well, awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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