Spring Essentials

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m here to talk about some things I find essential to survive Spring and to take the most of it. Below you will find different products that I love and that for me have that Spring vibe we all want when the warm weather is approaching. Keep reading to find them out!

The first thing when it comes to clothes that I love during Spring are three quarter sleeve shirts. They come so useful for those days when it’s warm but not really hot to wear a T-shirt. Also, some Converses are always needed!

Keeping with the fashion theme, I can’t miss amazing T-shirts with cool phrases on it. They are perfect for the hot days and personally, I think that shirts with words have such a nice vibe. And if it’s a little cooler, we can’t forget a basic stripped shirt that will keep us warm.

When it comes to entertainment, music with fresh vibes are the ideal thing to hear. Because listen to last summer hits really makes me want Summer here. So to keep that nice feeling some rhythmic and boosting tracks are always a most!

And with a new season it comes new trends. Which I’m really excited for! So defintely the new trends are an essential.

For the sunny days a pair of sunglasses is crucial if you want to enjoy your time outside and don’t end up with a headache. And the funny part of it is that there are many different types of it. You will for sure find the model that suits you.

And finally, even though it’s not an essential I love these funny purse. It can be used all year round, but because of its bright colour, it’s perfect for Summer/Spring.

And that’s all for this post, I hope you liked it and that you are now prepared for the warm days that are coming.

Tell me in the comments one essential of yours during Spring. I will be so happy to read all of them!



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19 thoughts on “Spring Essentials”

  1. This may sound weird, but my essential is a thin blanket. My room get really warm in the summer/spring so my regular blanket is waaay to warm… I also love T-shirt with text on it!

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    1. Hahaha! I can relate to this. But when I’m on the sofa because I still want something to cover up with but a regular blanket is too much! I’m totally in love with it as well, I’m really waiting for the warm weather to come to start wearing it!

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  2. […] Favorite type of blog post to write? I have to say fashion ones, I love all the things that involve writing one. Thinking of the outfits, the photos, searching for the clothes online… I just really enjoy it! But I generally love to write about the things I like on my blog so that includes a huge variety of posts. Favorite item of clothing? Mmmmm… I don’t know, I really like fashion and with its many different types of clothes! But one thing I love now that Summer is arriving is cool T-shirts with a nice print or phrase. Favorite quote? “Sparkle the world with your own ideas!” Favorite meal? Definitely, rice. All types of rice! With tomato, “paella”, “risotto”… Favorite post you’ve written?  Wow! That’s difficult to choose… But I will choose one from the recent ones: Spring Essentials. […]

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