Taking A Break

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m here to talk about something slightly different from what I’m used to write. Let’s just call this post a blog update.

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With this post, that I hope is quick, I want to let you now that I’m taking a break from blogging. It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging or that I want to end this blog, not at all. In fact, it’s the other way. I really like blogging and I want to take the most of it.


That’s why I decided to make some changes in my blog, mostly about the design. I also want to make my posts shorter and focus more on photography. In short, I want to get better at blogging, make the blog look more professional and interact more with my followers.

I really hope that by taking this short break, I have planed to return the 16 of April with a renovated blog and ready to give my best, I will be able to improve the way I blog and the contact with my followers.


So I think that’s all what I wanted to say to you. I hope that you are as excited as me about the new blog updates and that you continue supporting me through this amazing journey. Because ever since I wrote my first post I have enjoyed every bit of it.


And as always, I want to hear from you so, don’t be shy and share your opinion about this blog with me. What do you like the most? What do you like the least? What kind of posts do you want to read here? Just write a comment or contact me by the contact form on my blog. I will be happy to read all your suggestions.


So that’s all for today’s post! I will talk to you in my next post with a renewed blog and ready to give my best. Thank you all for always supporting me!



Ps. Thank you so much for 430 followers! You are all amazing!

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31 thoughts on “Taking A Break

  1. Hey girl, I totally understand that you need some time to change your blog! Haha, it’s not a shame that you will not be posting as frequently as you did!! What I really like about your blog is that you keep it really personal. (which has nothing to do with your layout lol) Uhh, I can’t find out anything what I dislike about your blog. I think your layout is nice and clean, it’s not disturbing me at all while I’m reading your blogposts. I love that pink color in the header, eventhough it’s a color a lot of people have. But that’s totally up to you hihi. Well, good luck with changing your blog, I’m curious about the result! xoxo

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    • First of all thank you so much for your support and all the suggestions you have given me! I will keeo them in mind while I’m rebuilding my blog. Oh! And thanks for understanding it! Hahaha! Thanks for thinking that my blog is so good. About the pink colour, I have also though of chaning it but I still don’t know which colour I would like there. Because after all this months I ended up liking it and finding it a representative colour for Marioness. Even though, as you said many other bloggers have this colour. Well, we will see! If you have any colour idea tell me! Thanks for all your suggestions!

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  2. Oh, you scared me there for a minute. I thought you meant a much longer break lol Please come back! It’s lovely that you want to be a better blogger. I would not choose that sentence because you are already a great one, but I understand if you feel you need to improve. Me, for example, I’m a laid back, impulsive blogger. I just write and don’t care so much about image, pictures and all that. Maybe I should follow your example and be more aware of my posts, but I think this is just my way of blogging lol Sorry for the super long post, just wanted to share my experience. Can’t wait to see the changes you make. xx

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    • Haha! Don’t worry, I will be back very soon, I did this post because I wanted you to know what was happening even though it is a short break. Thanks for your support! As you said I feel like I need to improve and get better at blogging. But I totally respect your thoughts about blogging. Everyone uses this platform and way to express herself how he wants. And if you are happy with the way you blog, you should continue! Thanks again lovely!

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    • Haha! Thank you! There are actually some sneak peeks of the design changes on my blog if you want to check it out. Don’t worry, I will be back this Sunday with a new post and a new design! Talk to you then!

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    • Thank you so much! I currently have a busy schedule but I will try to do it as soon as possible. Probably by the start of May. I never heard of it but I will be happy to do it. Thanks again!


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