The Fashion Evolution

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m bringing back a fashion post because I know that many of you love it. But today instead of showing you the latest fashion or my clothes, I’m going to share with you a general look of the fashion through 1920 until 1990. And to make it even better I’m going to choose some clothes that imitate the fashion during this age.

I think this is a great way to start the year, with a little bit more of knowledge and to show that fashion is not also the present. The past it’s also important to understand the actual trends! I hope you really like it because I have worked really hard with this post and also if you are new here and you like this post don’t forget to follow me to read new posts!

I really think I needed to do that to know a little bit more the fashion world and I think I succeed. I think it’s a good thing to know because many tendencies come back as you probably now. This is a long post so get comfortable and maybe grab a snack or drink. And enjoy!

So we will start with the oldest and go to the newest. That means we are beginning with the 20’s era.  At this time, women’s fashion experimented some dramatic changes following the end of the first world war. We usually know this time for the era of the “flappers”. During the 20’s the dresses became lighter, brighter and shorter than ever. And it was a time for vibrant colours that couldn’t be appreciated for the black and white photography of the time.

Flappers usually wore round hats, white long gloves and pearl necklaces as accessories. Their clothes had a lot of sequins and frills. For shoes low heels were the most and bob hairstyles were really in. On the makeup side women rocked carmine lips and eyeliner. But depending on the time of the day, people would wear one thing or another.

Here you have some ideas if you want to rock the 1920’s style!

In the 1930’s, women were still wearing dresses and they kept their hair close to her head. Fur and floral patterns were really in but hats gradually became less popular. The make up was really chic and shoulder pads were really important. It all become cheaper because synthetic fibers appear.

The dresses had fresh structures and folds down to give movement. The skirt became longer, but also narrower. Many women show their shoulders and wore pronounced necklines. They wear big earrings, but little bags. Fur complements and pearl necklaces were totally in. For makeup they wore eyeliner up and down the eye, a flawless face and sparkly eye shadows.

Actual ideas if you want to get into the 30’s spirit!

We continue with the 40’s! During the 40’s there was the Second World War and that’s why the fashion industry was bugged. Although that didn’t stop designers to make very glamorous clothes. During this time fashion became sharper, trimmer and more modern. Gloves were a necessity and curves were so popular. But finally, it was a mix of glamour and comfort.

The colours were dark and dresses werw very sophisticated. There was a lot of silk involved as well as shoulders pads. And with that the looks become a little bit more like men. The skirt becomes shorter because of lack of fabrics. As I said before it was all about the hour-glass figure with broad shoulders, tiny waists and full hips.

And here you have some inspiration if you want to dress like a 1940’s girl!

And then the 50’s arrive, and with it different styles. The waistline was a major thing, but other women prefer to wear dresses with no waistline called sack dresses. And for many people, this was a transitional time. There were a lot of Vichy prints as well as moles and leopard.

Shoulders uncovered were again in and heart necklines were the most. You could find high-waisted jeans, tube skirts and high heels. It was time for the sophisticated accessories like vintage glasses, gloves and brimmed hats. Their hairstyles were perfect and for makeup they were eyeliner with a soft eyeshadow and bright red lips.

If you want to wear the 1950’s style here you have some ideas!

And now it’s time for the 1960’s! Women were showing more skin than ever before and bright and swirling colours were the most. Long hair and beard were a common as well as very short skirts. And London was the center of the fashion world!

Dresses with lots of colours, frills and until the knees were the most. And women wore little jackets with buttons. The most popular hair was the medium hair with bows or collected. We could also find three-quarter sleeves, gloves and tapes around the waist.

And some fancy ideas to rock this 60’s style!

Moving into the 70’s! In this decade you could say that first years were like the late 60’s and the last years were like the early 80’s. At the beginning of the decade, there were many colours and little by little the trousers became wider. Another trend was the suits that women start wearing.

The hippie style was really in and with that very patterned clothes with flowers. You could easily found bell trousers and little purses. Girls usually wear mini skirts with platform shoes or boots to the knee. Another trend were one piece clothes with belts. Big glasses were the most as well as voluminous hair. And finally they wore a lot of makeup with lots of colours.

And if you have fallen in love with the 70’s fashion here you have some clothes to wear!

Next we go right to the 80’s! In the early 80’s women would most go for neutral colours and soft fabrics. But suddenly the neon colours and huge hairstyles were the most. Scarves made a comeback and pants were a very usual option for women. There were lots of colours, shapes and prints.

Pads on the shoulders were really in with mini skirts, tights, heaters and red gloves. For jewellery big earrings and big necklaces were the most. And you could also find big sweaters with little bags. Women were wearing big curl hair and shrill makeup.

Here you have some ideas if you want to rock the 1980’s style!

And we couldn’t miss the 1990’s! During the this decade, you could find many different looks and type of clothes. There weren’t as loud as the 80’s and they took an attitude. The 70’s came back and the 80’s became a bad thing.

People wore blue wide jeans and bright belts. There were a lot of different colours, patterns and styles. The down part was usually wide. You could also find some chokers and mini skirts. Women wore their hair released and for makeup a nude lipstick with eyeliner and dark eye shades.

Actual ideas if you want to get into the 90’s spirit!

And that’s all for today! I hope you liked it even if you are not really into fashion and that you expand your fashion knowledge with this post. Don’t forget to like this post if you did!

I will also really like if you share your favourite decade in the comments!

And before I end this long post, I just wanted to say that now that the Christmas holidays are over for me, I will keep my usual schedule. I will post every Sunday and if I have time on Wednesday as an extra.



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  1. I love this post !!!
    It’s soooo interesting and fun to read ! And the pics are so cute and they fit the post perfectly ☺️
    You did an amazing job on this one !
    Keep on the wonderful work ❤️👌🏻

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    1. THANK YOU!! I’m so happy about it! I will try to do it as soon as possible but I still have two others to do. I will possibly do all three in one post. Is there any problem??


      1. Every decade has it’s essence but the 40s 60s nd the 90s just captured me..
        But today fashion has evolved all over, you just have to be comfortable with what you are wearing and can really carry on anything.
        Confidence is the key, well for me at least.

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  2. I really like the incorporation of both past and present designs, this is a great post, also the layout of your blog is really pretty:))

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    1. Thank you! I’m really happy you like it!! Hahaha! It was also really useful for me too! Now I know how people dressed back in the 1900s! Thanks for the nomination, I’m so thankful! I will try to do it but I already have done three yesterday so maybe I will do it in a few weeks. Thanks again!

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