The Versatile and The Blog Recognition Award

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m sharing with you a very exciting post and that’s because three amazing bloggers have nominated me to make three awards! Yeah! They have nominated me between last week and this and instead of doing three different posts and bore you, I thought I will do a mixt of them all.

But don’t expect this to be the typical award post, it isn’t. Here you will find new facts about me to let you know me a little bit more, how this amazing blog started and my tips for all the new bloggers (or old ones that need some advice). I hope you like it and that you have a great time reading it!


I will also use this post to say a huge thank you to all the people that follows me, likes me and reads me. I’m so happy about how quickly is my blog growing and how supportive you all are. So summarizing it, THANK YOU!

Now, it’s time to start with the Versatile Blogger Award!

I was nominated a few days ago by LuiMariaBlog another blogger that has such a good blog where she talks a little bit about everything. Thank you so much for nominating me!

If you want to check out her blog here you have her link:


  1. Display Award.
  2. Thank the person who gave this award (and include a link to their blog.)
  3. Share seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate bloggers.

Seven Things About Me:

So here you have seven things about me! I think it is a good idea to do this post to let you know some random things about me and my blog! So if you are a bit gossip, keep reading!

1. I’ve been blogging since August 18th. This is when my first post, Hello World!, was published. And I couldn’t be happier about the decision to make this blog. During the last months I have done so many cool things with it like Blogmas for the Christmas season, meeting new bloggers…

2. I’m not from any English country, so English is not my first language. I’m Catalan that means I’m from Catalonia. Many people won’t know where it is but when you say Barcelona, they place the region. That’s where I’m from!

3. My favourite colour is purple. And that’s why I have many things with this colour specially notebooks, pencils… But I also really like pink or turquoise. Which is your favourite colour?

4. I really like fashion and clothes.  I really like all the new clothes that arrive every season in the fashion industry. And there is something magical about putting clothes together and creating an outfit. And of course, I love to write fashion posts for this blog and reading other fashion posts! Any recommendations about fashion bloggers?

5. I enjoy reading a lot! Since I was little I loved reading and I still do. But with all the school work I don’t have as much time as before for reading. That’s why during the holidays I like to read more than what I would do during the school days. What about you, do you like reading?

6. I think I’m quite an organized person. I have many things well organized and when it comes to homework, I can manage it quite well. So probably I’m an organized person.

7. I really like to read your comments! So don’t be shy and let me know what you think about my blog, any post suggestion or any doubts. I will answer all them as soon as possible.


And next, I have for you the Blogger Recognition Award! I was nominated for this one by the food blogger Bern Bakes. As the name says, in her blog she shares lots of different recepies for you to make. So if you are looking for some baking inspiration go and check it out!

Bern Bakes blog:

I also got nominated for the same award by Dtills from Invisible No More. In this blog you will find a little bit about everything, travels, food, books, inspiration… Don’t forget to take a look on it!

Invisble No More blog:


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

2. Write a post to show your award

3. Give a brief story of how your blog started

4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers

5. Select 6 other bloggers you want to give this award to

6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them & provide the link to the post you created.

How My Blog Started:

So let’s start with how my blog started. My blog started back to Summer 2016, more precisely on August. I have had that in mind during all the summer until one day I decided to make it a reality.

Before hitting publish to my first ever post, I spend quite a while designing my blog and trying to figure some things.

But when all was prepared it was time to start my blogging adventure and this is how my first post, Hello World! appear to the blogosphere (If you want to check it out, you will discover more about how my blog started).

And little by little the months have passed and I couldn’t be happier with this decision!

My Tips For New Bloggers:

Here you have two tips I have found so useful during my blogging journey. I hope it’s helpful for you too!

1. Have a clean and good design for your blog. By that I mean to be clear on your menu and don’t have a main page full of different things all together that can distract your reader. It’s important that when a new reader arrives to your blog knows what to do or where to find something.

2. Interact with your readers or followers and other bloggers. My next tip is to try to answer the comments that people write to your blog as soon as possible, this would make them see that you care about what they say and your opinion. And bound to that is to try to find some bloggers that may have the same interests like you. Like that, you can find some inspiration on their blog and you can also give some advice to each other.

If you want to read more about that, a few weeks ago I made a post about some blogging tips:

My Nominees:

Here you have my nominees, I have selected six bloggers and I let them choose which one to do, if the Versatile Blogger Award, the Blogger Recognition Award or both!

And that’s all for this post! I hope you liked it and that you find it useful even though it was a kind of award post, I tried to make it the most of it. I will also like to say thank you to the people that nominated me!

And finally, don’t forget to share in the comments some blogging tips if you are a blogger, it would be so cool if we share it with each others.

If you are new here and you like what you see, don’t forget to click the little button below to follow me and join this community. It would make me so happy and expect new posts soon!



Ps. Thank you for 258 followers!

53 thoughts on “The Versatile and The Blog Recognition Award

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I am not from an English-speaking country too. I live in Germany. My tip for new bloggers is to try out canva or similar websites. Canva is easy to use and lets you create pretty blog heathers, images… I am absolutely in love with it.

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  2. Congratulations on the awards xx love reading your blog and I love the way we are all so far away from each other yet when reading a blog it feels like your in my lounge and we are sitting down having a cuppa.

    Liked by 1 person

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