Photo Editing Ideas

Hello everybody! Today I thought I could do a different post so I decided to do a Photo Editing Ideas. I search different ideas and apps and these is what I found. I have always love to edit photos and make them more awesome and it’s always good to have some basic editing knowledge. So if you want to give to your photos an original and different touch keep reading…


The first one is to doodle a photo, that means to draw things or borders in white. For this one I used an app called YOU DOODLE, although I think that mostly of the photo editors have the option of a white brush. Here are the instructions to make it:

You are going to need a photo editor (I use YOU DOODLE) and an image (logic, isn’t it??)

  • First you choose the photo you are going to use, I recommend a photo that there is not a lot going on because you are going to decorate it a lot with the doodles.
  • Then I will think exactly what I’m going to draw to try to do the best. You can find inspiration looking for Doodle You Inspiration.
  • Lastly you open the image in the app and start your creation!


This one is for getting a Polaroid frame to your photo without having one. I think it looks so cool and vintage! To do it, I used PicsArt, it’s a great app that I discovered recently and it gives you the opportunity to do amazing things.

You are going to need the PicsArt app, a Polaroid frame you can find in Google and the photo you want to use.

  • To start, we search in Google for a Polaroid frame you like (there are multiple options) and save it to your gallery.
  • Next, we go to the app and open the frame we chose before.
  • And then you will quickly see a button that says “add a photo” you click it and choose the photo you want. And resize it to make it match.
  • For extra retouches you can crop the frame a little bit so that you can only see the frame not any borders.



Next, we are going to see how to make a photo cuter by adding a Tumblr Overlay. We are going to need a PNG photo, that means that there is no background (here you can see ones). We need this because we don’t want a white square around the Tumblr Overlay.

You are going to use a PNG photo, the app called PicsArt and the photo you want to edit.

  • We begin by searching a cool Tumblr overall in PNG format in google (you will find hundreds).
  • Then, we open PicsArt and open the image we are going to retouch.
  • We click to the button that says “add a picture” and select an overlay or more. Finally, we move it to give it an special touch and that’s all. Easy isn’t it???



Now, I’m going to show you how to do a cool superposition. We are going to use a basic image. I used a sample image that always goes with the camera or the phone .But if you want to be some photo you have taken, I recommend to be something natural such as flowers, the sky…

You are going to need the PicsArt app, a basic image and the photo you want to edit.

  • We first open the app and the image. (Where you want to start if it’s not with this??)
  • Then we apply to the photo the effect you want to make it white and black. Like this the contrast will be bigger.
  • Next, you open the basic image and you make it coincide with the black and white photo. And finally you slow down its opacity.


And finally, if you are a big fan of quotes this one is for you. We are going to make a photo with a quote you can use it all the times you want. For this one we are going to need a PNG image, remember it has no background!!

We are going to use a no background PNG image, the quote you prefer and the photo we are going to make cooler.

  • We search a PNG image with no background and save it to our computer or mobile.
  • We open the photo in PicsArt and write the quote. Then we save it. Like this you will have a no background quote you can use it all over again.
  • Finally, we open the photo we want to edit and add the quote photo.

And that’s all for today! I hope you like it and that you spend a good time editing your photos. If you are going to use one of these tips say it on the comments below and also tell me which one you like the most.

Thank you for reading it and for 90 subscribers. Don’t forget to follow me if you are new here!! I have a tone of amazing posts waiting to be published.



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Links to the apps:

YOU DOODLE (app store):

YOU DOODLE (google play):

PICSART (app store):

PICSART (google play):

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