Autumn Quotes

Helloooo everybody!!! Toady’s post is going to be about quotes! Yeah, I know it’s not super original, but I think it’s always good to have a bunch of good quotes to read. And because Autumn is officially here I decided to share with you some quotes I found on Pinterest. Let’s begin!

I really like this two little quotes because in a few words, they say all the beautiful things that autumn has. Specially the colorful leaves full of different tones of warm colours. And they make me feel super cozy and autumnal.

I just love how these phrases expresses so well the fascination of Autumn. Its colours that there is no word to describe them and the magical atmosphere that this time of year has.

These two quotes make us think about the real thing that makes the colours of autumn and that’s it that everything is dying. And it’s also a little reminder that changes can be beautiful and lead us to an amazing place.

Reading that makes me feel super autumnal. Maybe it’s because I associate Autumn with reading books in the sofa on because the first one has a gorgeus way to define this season.

Haha! These two quotes are amazing!! I love the thought that during Autumn the nature reveals its best colours. And that Autumn is magic, because it is! In the air there is a different sensation that in other times of the year.

This last four are not a deep thoughts but I find them really funny and perfect for autumn.

And these are the fourteen quotes I wanted to share with you, I hope you like it! And let me know in the comments which one you liked the most or if you have any other share it with us!

I know that you may think that this was a useless post but, I think that with some of these quotes you can make some great Autumn DIY that I have seen on Pinterest or you can decorate your room and give it a very special and cozy touch.

I have decided that I will share my love with quotes more and that’s why I’m going to start every single post with a quote and that I’m going to pin it all of them in my Pinteres account so make sure that you are subscribed to it!!!

Although new Autumn posts will arrive soon, so subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already to staying alert!

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