Time To Get Into The Christmas Spirit!

Hello everybody & welcome to the first Christmas post of the season!

To kick off these festive days, I’ve decided to share with you some posts from other blogs I like to visit who have already started to get into the Christmas spirit. So that you can spend a nice time reading them & I’ve time to prepare what’s coming for Christmas in this blog!

Hope you have a fantastic time while checking them out!


Song Of Style has recently been updated! I must say I’m loving its new layout and of course the content they are doing, it’s the perfect mix between graphic/photography and writing. But let’s get into the point, I love Aimee’s sense of style and when I saw this outfit on the blog, I fell completely in love. She also has some gift guides that are pretty cool!


After watching Love Actually for the first time this December (yes, incredible, isn’t it?), I found this interesting article on Man Repeller talking about the fashion of this movie and how you can barely notice what’s for them the best outfit of the movie. I really recommend reading this post, it makes you be more aware of fashion in the film industry, something I really like.


As I’ve said above, one of my favourite posts to read during this time of the year are gift guides. Even though, I usually don’t end up buying what appears in the post, I think it’s a good source to find inspiration for what you want for Christmas or ideas on what to give. In this case, Into The Gloss shares (in a really original way) the gifts they would give to the celebrities who made 2018 a little less bleak, as you read in the same post.


Being honest, I hadn’t visited The Blonde Salad in a long time before writing this post, but I must say that I loved its new look. And this time instead of going for something about fashion, the article that popped out was this list of 5 beautiful Christmas markets. Because who doesn’t like to walk through one festive market during December? It’s one activity that makes you feel that Christmas is here.

These are four of my favourite blogs to read when I have some free time. As you can imagine I could include in this list many more, but I could only write about a few of them. I would also like to discover new blog so feel free to leave the link to your blog in the comments or to blogs you love!

Love, M.


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