Another year went by and with it, my second year of blogging ended. Wow! Time really flies. I can’t barely believe that it has been two years since I clicked the publish button on my first ever post. I remember being nervous and excited about what would happen, but also scared about if I would like it. And look, two years after I’m still doing this and equally or even more passionate than the beginning.

So to thank everybody who has been with me through this amazing journey, I’m doing my first ever Q&A answering all your questions. Thanks a million times!

I asked through this blog & Instagram what you wanted to know and here are your questions:

The first one was ANA REGINA from DIVERSION3000 and she asked me:

1. How does it feel having a blog for 2 years?

I feel so many things. On one side, I’m really proud of what I have achieved and done for two years in this little platform called MARIONESS. I’m also really happy about everyone who reads it and follows my blog and the lovely comments I read daily, all the love I receive is worth the work. On the other, I can’t wait to grow more with the blog and continue evolving!

2. What is your favourite item of clothing?

My favourite item of clothing (even though it’s hard to choose) has to be sweatshirts. I love how versatile they are and how cozy they can be. I especially like those that have a cool phrase on it. But I also love wrap dresses, shoes and all sorts of coats (especially if it’s Winter!). It’s so hard to choose only one!

3. As fruits are so trendy now in fashion, what’s your favourite fruit?

My three favourite fruits have to be coconut, strawberries & banana. But if I only had to choose one I will go for bananas because you can eat them all year long!

Then we have some questions from THE LOVELY JUBBLY BLOG:

1. What was your first post?

My first ever post was called “Hello world!” and it was about introducing me and what I wanted to do with my blog. But my actual first post where I shared something was “My Summer Favourites 2016” which is pretty much self-explantory. You can check them out if you want! ;)

2. How has your blog changed?

I think in some ways it has changed, but in others not. I mean, I’m still that girl sharing what she loves with the world, but what has changed is what I love. When I first started, I didn’t love fashion that much so MARIONESS was more a lifestyle blog where I shared what I was doing. Right now, I think it’s more fashion focused with a sprinkle of lifestyle!


And the questions from the girl behind HIDDEN POSITIVES were:

1. What made you start blogging in the first place?

What made me start blogging was the feeling of wanting to share what I thought, did & loved with the world. And having my own little space to create & explore. And after those inspiring words, I have to say that the boredom of the last days of Summer also helped :).

2. Would you say blogging positively impacted your life?

Yeah, I think so! It has helped me organize myself better & improve my English (because English it’s not my first language). But blogging has also shown me that I love fashion. So yes, it has positively impacted my life, although sometimes it’s hard to create content.

To end the questions from the comments on the blog we have Amelia from Amelia In Hull:

1. Where do you most want to travel to in the world?

One of the places I want to travel the most is Canada, I’m really attracted by its nature, but I would also like to discover its cities like Toronto or Vancouver. And of course, I would love to  go on a route all across the United States.

2. Who inspires you the most?

That’s really difficult, but I would have to say that it’s not a person, I think that what inspires me are moments, what I do, songs I listen to, books I read…


We also have SHAWNMENDES_EXC who asked me:

1. What’s your fav song of Shawn Mendes? (love youuuu)

Love you too! I can’t choose only one song, so here you have my favourites! From his recent album I really like Nervous, Lost In Japan & Queen. And older ones I listen to are There’s Nothing Holding Me Back, Hold On & Bad Reputation.

And ITSJENNYMG asked me:

1. Cual es tu tendenica de ropa favorita? (Which is your favourite fashion trend?)

That’s difficult to answer, there are so many I love, but this Summer I especially liked the wrap dress, the shells & the 80s vibe. And about the season it’s coming I’m really excited to see how the metallic trend is worn & the huge amount of colours that are really in this Winter.

Finally, GLORIABLASI007 told me:

1. Combinacions de colors que t’agraden! Combinacions de colors arriscades, combinacions d’estampats… (Colour combinations that you like! Risky colour combinations, print combinations…)

One of my favourite colour combinations has to be blue jeans & red or I also love pink & white, but for the colder days I really like grey &  brown or black & metallic colours.

About risky combinations, one that’s really in these days is pink & red. They are two colours that are difficult to wear together, but if you find the right term, it can look so cool.

Moving into print combinations, I can’t say much, but it can look quite good if you pair a top with horizontal stripes and some trousers/shorts with vertical stripes.

And these are all the questions! Hope you enjoyed this post & thanks a lot to everyone who participated!

Love, M.

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17 thoughts on “MARIONESS TURNS TWO! // Birthday Q&A”

  1. Congrats on your second blogiversary!! I’ve actually just been on holiday to Canada to Nova Scotia and Toronto and it was amazing I hope you end up going there at some point 😊 I’m planning on doing a travel guide for Toronto in a couple of weeks so maybe that would help you if you ever end up going? 😀 it’s cool that things around you like moments, songs and books inspire you!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETIE! That’s so cool! I want to go there so bad! Hope you had such a great time there! I will totally read this post if you end up writting it!
      Yeah, I think that everyday moments can inspire you a lot! And what about you? What inspires you??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s okay I have currently released part 1 of my travels in Canada if you want to read that!! Yeah I agree that every day moments can really inspire you. It’s a bit cheesy aha but my parents really inspire me with the life they’ve built together and the hard work they put into everything xx

        Liked by 1 person

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