Making My Own Phone Case

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

Today I want to show you my DIY phone case and an easy peasy tutorial of how I did it. I first saw this do-it-yourself on Pinterst even though I had already seen some of these cases in other people’s mobiles. And let me tell you that I loved them so, when I saw that I could do my own, I didn’t doubt and I decided to do it.

As you can see this case is a simple one, but just by adding some cool letters with a word or your name changes so much. I’m really proud of the result as this was an old case that now I can use again.

To do it, I just used black nail polish, a thin brush and a photocopy with my name on it. I first wrote my name on a computer using this cool lettering that I found here. Then I printed and remember, you have to printed backwards. This way when you write it on your case you will be able to read the word.

After all this, it’s time to actually write on the case using the nail polish. We will first put some tape on the sides of the case to be fixed. Then we will start going over the printed word we have choosen with the nail polish and a little brush. Finally, we let it dry and…

We have a beautiful case with our favourite word or name made by ourselves! Isn’t it cool?

Here you have the final result!

And that’s it! I hope you liked it and that you try this at home because it just works perfectly. If you do (as always) comment it down below!

Love, M.

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37 thoughts on “Making My Own Phone Case”

            1. Yas girl! If you finally do it don’t forget to send me some pics or your oppinion about it! I’m also a huge fan of personalised items, I would love to have everything personalised! Haha!


    1. So many thanks! I’m so happy you liked my writing! But if you mean the lettering of the case is actually a printed font on the computer! Haha!
      About the pics I don’t use any type of edting but I have thoguht of starting one… Do you know any apps/webs that can edit photos quickly on computer?
      Thanks for all your lovely and supportive comments!

      Liked by 1 person

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