Hello everybody! First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are well and doing your best to help with the situation. With all these being said, today I want to talk about notebooks. I know, quite a random topic but, if you are anything like me, I'm sure you have a few empty… Continue reading MY NOTEBOOK COLLECTION & IDEAS ON HOW TO FILL THEM

How I Organize Myself For School

Before starting school, I did some Back To School posts. But now that we are totally in the routine with lots of homework and exams, I decided to make a post explaining to you how I organize myself. Lots of you seem to like it and I think it will be helpful for lots of… Continue reading How I Organize Myself For School

Back To School Inspiration

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! School days are nearly here and after all the Summer holidays it may be a bit difficult to go back to the routine. That's why today I decided to make a quick post with some photos that will definitely make you want to go back to school.… Continue reading Back To School Inspiration