Hi! It's Mariona here! Today I wanted to share with you an outfits of the week type of post. Before I start, I would like to say that the outfits in this post are 100% what I really wore which means they might not be the best of the best but there are real. With… Continue reading A WEEK OF OUTFITS

Sweater Weather // My Collection

Sweater weather has arrived where I live! And I've finally been able to wear my favourite sweatshirts & sweaters without dying of heat in the attempt. Because being honest, after all the hot weather from Summer, there's a time where you just want the cold to arrive and get cosy with your favourite sweaters. That's… Continue reading Sweater Weather // My Collection

Denim Paradise // #ootd

Hi! It's been so long since I didn't publish any post about my outfits (although I've been sharing them through Instagram) mostly because during Summer I feel like I wear the same thing most of the time, a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or simply a dress. But the cold-morning- but-hot-midday-and-it-might-rain-in-the-afternoon days are starting… Continue reading Denim Paradise // #ootd

I’m Just Being Ironic!

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I want to show  you a vibrant look that I find perfect for Spring. Over the past days I have worn this outfit a lot and it was only about time that I share it with you. It has this amazing sweatshirt that adds such a cool… Continue reading I’m Just Being Ironic!

Styling A Bomber

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I'm bringing here another fashion post because I have so much fun doing them and you guys, seem to love it. In this post, I'm going to show two ways to style a bomber. The bomber jacket has become over the past years a statement on our… Continue reading Styling A Bomber

Velvet Fever

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I'm sharing with you another fashion post and I hope you are as excited as I am for it. In this post, I'm going to share with you two different outfits that have one thing in common, they both have velvet! Continue reading to discover them! I… Continue reading Velvet Fever