The Smile Tag and The Graceful Award

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I'm here to make you smile! Haha, I know it's sounds a bit strange but if you keep reading you will find what is all about. So it's that time again when I share with you some of the tags/awards where I have been nominated. Over… Continue reading The Smile Tag and The Graceful Award

One Lovely Award

Hello everybody! Today it's time for awards!!! A few days ago LuiMaria nominated me for the One Lovely Award, thank you a lot for nominating me!! And because it's been a while since I did my first award I decided to do it! I hope you like it!  Here it is the link to LuiMariaBlog: Go… Continue reading One Lovely Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

Today is time for awards! During the last weekend two bloggers have nominated me for different blogger awards! Thank you to both of them to help me sparkling the world with my own ideas! It feels so good that people appreciate what you write and encourage you to keep doing your blog. So, because I have… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award