Photographing Autumn

As I said before, I love photography and I like taking photos of all the seasons. But when it comes to Autumn I feel like it has something special. The beauty of this season can't be described in words, with all the leaves falling, the amazing colours and how everything seems to become ready for… Continue reading Photographing Autumn

Decoring My Room For Autumn

Autumn is already here and Halloween is around the corner. That's why last week I decided it was time to prepare my room for the season and add some decorations to give it a cozy and autumnal vibe. In one of my first posts I shared with you 3 ways to decorate your room. But… Continue reading Decoring My Room For Autumn

Rainy Days

It's dark outside, you hear the repetitive sound of the rain drops clashing in the window, and all you want to do is get cozy in your house. This is the sign which is telling you that the cold weather is here. And with it, long afternoons lock in your home. But it may end… Continue reading Rainy Days

The Colours Of Autumn

Autumn is little by little arriving to our lives. And before we can say out loud that the cold weather is here, I wanted to make a list of things to love about Autumn. One of the things I like about this season is the beautiful colours everywhere especially in trees. That's why I decided… Continue reading The Colours Of Autumn

Autumn Quotes

Helloooo everybody!!! Toady's post is going to be about quotes! Yeah, I know it's not super original, but I think it's always good to have a bunch of good quotes to read. And because Autumn is officially here I decided to share with you some quotes I found on Pinterest. Let's begin! I really like… Continue reading Autumn Quotes

The Autumn Tag

Hello everybody and happy autumn! I know it's been a while since the autumnal season started, but where I live just a few days ago it started to feel like autumn. So I thought it could be nice to do The Autumn Tag because I just really like the season and how cosy it is.… Continue reading The Autumn Tag