Summer Faves

The holiday season is definitely over and the best way to end it is by sharing with you what my favourites have been during this Summer. Because when you have more free time you are able to try new things that may end up being your favourites.

In this post, you will find a bit of everything, fashion, food. entertainment… So let’s start!

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When it comes to fashion I’ve been loving my new stripy jumpsuit. As you may have seen I’ve been wearing it almost all the days during this Summer. It’s the perfect thing for hot days where you want to be comfortable. Continue reading

Things To Do Before Back To School

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

For many people back to school is around the corner others still have some weeks until they go back to the routine. But one thing is sure, we all want to be ready for when we have to go back to school.

That’s why today I’m sharing with you a list of things we all need to go before back to school. Just to be prepared when we enter through those walls again. Keep reading to find it out!

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Bookshelf Update

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

I thought it could be nice to write here a little bookshelf update. I did one this Spring and as you liked it, I’m going to repeat it! As you may now, I really enjoy reading so this Summer I took advantage of my free time and I read some books.

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Binge Watching

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

During the Summer I have spent some of my free time catching up with some films or series I wanted to watch for so long. That’s why in today’s post I’m going to do a little review about it. You can watch all those series and films on Netflix so if you have it, give it a go, you won’t regret it!

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We will start with the series and of course I have to mention The 100. I started watching it this Summer and I already love it. Even though I think it isn’t my typical kind of series, there is so much intrigue and I enjoy it a lot! Continue reading

Listening At The Moment

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

At the beginning of Summer, I put together in a playlist some of the songs I was loving and I shared them with you. And today I’m here to show you the songs I’m listening at the moment.

Some of them are the same, others are old and a few of them are new discoveries. But one thing is for sure, I love listening to them. So it’s time to enjoy the music and maybe dance to its beat!

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My Top 12 Posts In One Year

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

I was thinking about how to kick off this special month full of blogs and I couldn’t come up with a better idea than to list the top viewed posts in this blog. I have selected one post for each month so that you can have a quick view to all that has happened during this journey.

I hope that you like this glimpse into the history of Marioness and that you have fun while going through my posts as I did. So just enjoy the reading!


My first ever post! Just to know why I decided to start this blog…


PicMonkey Collage

Now that you have some free time, you could change your room a bit!


Get inspired for your next photo and slay your Instagram theme!


Discover some random facts about me!


If you are already preparing for the Holidays (which is not weird at all) you need to listen to this playlist!


An overview of the last decades in fashion. It’s time to bring some old trends!


Yummy recipes that will make you go to the kitchen and start cooking!


A glimpse to my process before hitting that publish button!


What every girl needs to be ready for Spring…


Time to grab your camera and enjoy the essence of Spring!

11. 15 FILMS TAG

These are a few of my favourite films! (read it as if it was a song)


Sharing some tips for all the bloggers out there. Always supporting each other!

And that would be all! I love how many different posts I have on this list, but how they all represent me and the different seasons this blog has lived.

Let me know in the comments which was your favourite post you ever read here and which one you have discovered with this list!

Love, M.

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5 Ways To Edit Your Photos

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m here to talk about 5 ways to edit your photos. I have recently been trying to improve my Instagram page (why are you still here? Go and check it out!) and with that, I have learned some cool ways to edit my photos.

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So as usual, I want to share them with you! First, let me tell you that when it comes to editing my Instagram pictures I like to use VSCO. It’s such an easy app to use with magnificent results. Really recommend it! But I also have used other apps or webs for my blog like Picmonkey, Canva or Pixlr. And they all work really well! Continue reading

Bloggers Helping Bloggers

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

A few days ago I received an email from a reader asking me about some tips to grow her blog and because this isn’t the only email I received about that subject, I decided to make a post with some of my tips when it comes to blogging.

I’m not an expert, but I have been blogging for almost a year, so I just want to share these tips with you that hopefully will be helpful. They are mostly for bloggers, but if you are a reader who doesn’t have a blog you may enjoy it as well. Let’s get started!

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1. Be active on other social media platforms. Continue reading

Summer Soundtrack

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog!

Today I want to share with you a bit of music! A few months ago I’ve got some comments asking me to share more of the music I like (which is basically the one I listen to the radio). So I decided to share with you a playlist with some essential songs for me this Summer!

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I hope you like it and that by listening to it you enter into the Summer zone! At the end of the post you will find a Spotify list so that you can listen to it easily.

Gettin’ in the Summer vibes…

Continue reading

15 Films Tag

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m here to share a post I’m not used to do and it’s the 15 Films Tag (you will find more films in my answers, but as there are 15 questions I decided to call this tag like this).

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I first thought of doing the 20 Songs Tag but I don’t listen to much music, so it would have been hard for me to answer all the questions. That’s why I decided to do a similar tag, but with films which I think I will be able to answer in a better way. Hahaha! Continue reading