Hi there! This past Thursday 16th of April, I decided to document what a day in my life looks like right now in diary style. My routine during these past few days has been more or less the same during weekdays but it changes on the weekends. I have found that having my day structured while still having time to relax, allows me to be productive and have time to do all that I want.

Here’s a day in my life #athome.

7.00: Good morning and happy Thursday! I know that waking up at 7 am it’s probably too early for most people but I feel like if I wake up early, I can make the most out of the day. The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of water. Then I go downstairs say good morning to my parents and eat breakfast. These past few days I’ve been eating yogurt with granola, banana, honey and coconut. Today I added some strawberries as well.

8.00: Just finished doing some yoga with my mum. Since the confinement started, my mum and I have been doing yoga for half an hour most of the days. It’s a great way to start your day and stretch. Now I will clean up the kitchen, get dressed and ready to start the day. 

9.00: Time to start working! The first few days of this ‘new’ everyday life were a bit over the place but with time, I think I have managed to create a routine that helps me to be organized, productive and therefore, happier. If you don’t want to set a routine because every day looks different, I still highly recommend writing a to-do list every morning just so you can see what needs to be done / you want to do. Another thing I do before I start working is checking my email and my calendar to see if there’s anything new from my teachers.

11.34: A short break from work and time for a snack, I decided to eat bread with Nutella and some walnuts. It was delicious, it is really the small things! Up until now, I’ve been doing maths and philosophy homework. At 12.30 we have a Zoom philosophy class so before this, I’ll try to do more maths work and after the class, geography.

13.26: Finished my Zoom philosophy class a few minutes ago. Now I will do more homework until it’s time to have lunch.

14.24: It’s lunchtime! These past few weeks, my family and I have been able to have lunch all together, something that we don’t usually do except for the weekends. Today we had aubergine with tomato sauce and cheese and croquettes. We have finished lunch with an orange and a piece of chocolate.

15.21: Right now I’m sitting outside our garden while reading a book (I’ve just started “Paris for one and other stories” by Jojo Moyes) and drinking coffee. The sun is shining.

16.40: Finished my Google meet French class which means, my school work for the day is over. Before that class I watched one episode of Friends with my mum (I just recently started watching this TV show and I LOVE IT). Now I will probably work on my blog.

18.14: I did a video call with my grandmother and aunt. It’s nice to talk and catch up with other people during these times. Now, I will do a workout with my mum.

19.17: Just sitting outside in my porch. 

22.28: After showering and having dinner (pumpkin soup, fish and yogurt) we watched Adventures in babysitting. We usually watch a TV show, and we are currently watching Riverdale but today we went for a film. It has been a nice day. Good night! 

So here it is, a look into what a day in my life looks right now. How does your look?

Love, M.

6 thoughts on “DEAR DIARY: #athome EDITION”

  1. Ahhh Mariona this sounds super productive I’m so inspired!!! I also try to wake up early but these days I’ve been sleeping til 10 and it needs to changeee. I love your healthy breakfast and how you do yoga with your mom. It’s so cool that you do the 24 hour clock thing I had to use some math there. 😂 So amazing that you’re keeping up with relatives. Do you feel that your day is more or less productive at home than pre-covid?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for this sweet message!! I’m super happy it inspired you. And I never thought that the 24 hour clock thing would be something surprising, its quite normal for me to write hours like this when writting… Hahaha!
      About being productive, I’m not sure about it since my routine pre-covid and now has changed so much but I think I have managed to be more productive at home than I was before. What about you?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I’m actually doing quite well given the current situation. I feel really lucky to be able to spend these difficult times at home with my family. What about you, how are you doing?
      I’m really happy to hear that I’m inspiring you to be productive, it was one of the purposes of writting this post.
      I hope everything is well!


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