Yes, now that we have more time than usual, it’s time to take care of our wardrobe. If you enjoy fashion and clothes, why not make some time for taking care of what you wear?

First of all, a wardrobe cleaning is much needed. A couple weeks ago I cleaned and organised mine after a few months of putting it off. The method I used was the following: I took out all my clothes and put them in my bed. Then, I proceeded to try them on in order to decide if they went to the keeping pile, the throwing away pile (because they were in poor conditions), the must be fixed pile or the donating/selling pile. Finally, I folded and organised the clothing that I wanted to keep. I, as well, separated the clothes I want to donate from the clothes I want to sell (not before my sister went through them and chose what she wanted).

The next thing to do is definitely cleaning! Well, thinking it twice, it’s actually better if you select the clothes that need to be cleaned before putting them back in your wardrobe. This step is quite simple, get your hands dirty and do the washing that needs to be done. Remember, be careful not to mix colours so that your clothes don’t end up dyed, take proper care of delicate fabrics and your accessories (shoes, bags & jewellery) will as well appreciate some cleaning.

Another easy thing you can do is to take care of those clothes that need some repairing. This might be tightening some trousers, so they fit you, but also sew a button to a blouse. You can do it by hand or with a sewing machine, but one thing is sure, you will be entertained for some time. Not long ago, Man Repeller shared two really useful articles on how to sew a button and how to fix a hole in your clothes. There’s also a channel on YouTube called withwendy that has helpful videos for beginners. And if this is not what you are looking for, I’m sure that just by googling you can find what you are searching.

Now that you have your wardrobe organised and your clothes seem almost new , it’s time to get inspired and find your style (if you haven’t yet). Try new combinations, search online for outfit ideas and find inspiration in magazines or books or movies. It is always a good time to experiment with what you wear, but now more than ever.

Finally, now that you know what’s in your wardrobe, you probably want to add some new pieces to it. Before shopping new clothes, check out what your mother, grandmother or even your father have but no longer use. You might not be able to do this right now, but once we can go outside, definitely do this, you will find some gems! Another good option is to shop second hand or vintage, your pocket will thank you. And if you still want to treat yourself to new clothes, try to shop in sustainable brands. I know it’s hard because they are usually more pricey, but even though I’m not an example of buying sustainable fashion, in the future, I want to try my best to do so (If you know any sustainable brands, let me know in the comment section. Here’s a blog post by Margot Lee with some sustainable fashion brands!). Again, right now it is likely that you won’t be able to shop, but select your items online and once all this is over, you know what to do. When shopping, what I recommend is trying to go for classic pieces that you will use a lot and that will last longer.

With this being said, I still have a few points left to do from this list, but I will try to tick them as soon as possible.

I hope this was helpful!

Love, M.

Featured image: @anahardesign


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