Hello everybody! First of all, I hope you and your loved ones are well and doing your best to help with the situation.

With all these being said, today I want to talk about notebooks. I know, quite a random topic but, if you are anything like me, I’m sure you have a few empty notebooks just lying around your house. Because: yes, I love notebooks and yes, I have lots of them and that is why sometimes I just don’t know what to write in them. Today I’m sharing with you my notebook collection as well as some ideas on how to fill your notebooks.

This iridescent little notebook I used to use it to make random lists such as what to bring to some place, what to do, etc. I think it is nice to keep all the list in one notebook.
This is my current notebook. These days I’ve been using it to write things I have to do, organize myself, ideas I have, how I’m feeling and many other things. It’s a bit of everything that goes through my mind and I put it on paper. I hope to use it as well as a time capsule to look back at how I felt and what was happening during these extraordinary times.
It doesn’t seem like we will be travelling any time soon but, I’m sure that the next time we go somewhere it will be special. That’s why a travel journal will be a good idea. I did this one when I went to Rome last June and even though it was school work, now it’s a souvenir from that trip.
My beloved planner! I bought this notebook at the beginning of the year and I couldn’t love it more. It has a minimalistic design and in it I write all my school assignments and exams. I have been doing this for so long and it helps to get yourself organised.
Find it here!
This is not really a notebook but I find it really cute, so I had to include it. It contains different sizes of stick ups and again, it’s really useful for organizing or for studying.
This notebook that I titled “Mariona’s Book” was supposed to be my sketch/scrap book. Basically, a place where I can put all my “artistic” work. But in reality, I have not used it that much. I have to use it more!
My old blog notebook. Here is where I wrote all my ideas for my blog, I planned what I wanted to post, organize what I wanted to change, new things I wanted to do… If you are working in a project, now that we have more time than before its more likely, I recommend having a notebook only for it.
I don’t use it that much anymore but this is a weekly planner. I really like this one because it doesn’t come with a specific date so you can adapt it to your everyday life. Every Sunday afternoon I used to plan the following week.
Find here a similar one!
I started using it as a diary but stopped after maybe a week because I’m not good at keeping up with these things. I still wanted to include this notebook since I really like it!
This is a pack of four little notebooks. They are perfect for writing lists, to carry around or for little projects!
When I danced, I had this notebook where I wrote all things dance related such as competitions I went, routines, dances, etc. Then, so to speak, it evolved into a workout/health notebook. In it I write workouts I do and healthy recipes, but now I don’t use it that much….
This is the notebook I’ve been using these last couple of years to write all things related to my future and what I want to study. I have different options of what I want to study and when I went to open doors I wrote all the information here. It’s a way to have everything related to a topic in one place.
I use this notebook to write all the ideas that come to my mind whatever they are. It’s easy to carry around because of its size and I love the design of it.

Before ending this post, I would like to add some ideas that haven’t appeared above but I think they are a nice way to fill your noteboks: A notebook for your collages, for your playlists, for your goals and dreams, to track your progress, to write quotes you really like, to stick random pieces of papers such as tickets, postcards…, for writing the first thing that comes to your mind, to write poems, to plan a trip, to paint with watercolours, to track your savings & spendings, to design something such as clothes or homes, a 30-day something challenge, to learn something new, for recipes, to record your dreams, to learn a new language,… Or what I like the best and what I want to start doing: a journal where I can write everything and it is a representation of who I am.

Love, M.

P.S. I can’t believe I spend a whole post talking about notebooks but I guess that’s who I am. If you have more ideas on how to fill notebooks let me know below!


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