Hi! Here’s a list of different sources / ideas / links / recommendations / things to do I have gathered in order to make the times we are living easier. Here you will find a bit of everything: from workouts to do, books to read, ideas on what to watch, what to do to stay creative, recipes, inspiring things, song recommendations,… I hope it’s useful!

Let’s make the list bigger! Share in the comments what are you doing these days at home and your recommendations! I will try to update the list with your comments as much as possible.

Oh! And I encourage you to share it with your friends & family! Let’s make these difficult times less hard!

Here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cz5PSxIYO3u3Y1gyrg3WyCQ40Ihn7p061jdqBZI-XIM/edit?usp=sharing

Love, M.

5 thoughts on “A (I hope) USEFUL LIST FOR THESE TIMES”

  1. Oooohhh this is such a cool idea! Also that it is collaborative is so cool! One of the coolest things I’ve discovered during this quarantine is that brit.co has a code (SELFCARE) for you to use and get any of their classes free! I was going to try and link to the classes but can’t figure out how but def go check out the classes, I don’t know how long the classes are available for free with the code but there are some really awesome classes!! Another fun thing to do during the quarantine is painted/customised shoes, I actually just did a post about some shoes I painted, it was quite fun!
    I loved this post! ❤️

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    1. Thank youuu!! The list is collaborative but since I want it to be the most helpful it can be, I will be adding all of the ideas/tips/sources people make. I will definitely link the brit.co source and customizing your shoes. Thanks for sharing!! ❤️✨

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