Dear Diary: Sunday to Monday

Last Sunday & Monday, I decided to write my day in “diary style” in the notes app on my phone. I thought it would be a nice experience and a way to look at my life from an outsiders perspective. It was a fun little experiment, but I came to realise how hard is it for me to document every single thing I do. However, here’s the result!

Inspired by Margot Lee.

Sunday, 9th of February 2020

7.50 Good morning! I wake up at 7.40 a bit before my eight o’clock alarm and after staying in bed for about ten minutes I finally get up. I then say good morning to my family and drink a full glass of water and clean my face (two of the first things I do in the morning).

8.30 I just finished my breakfast. I once saw a tweet which said: ” thinking about my love and excitement for breakfast keeps me up at night” and I couldn’t relate to it more. For breakfast, I usually have porridge (oatmeal + plant milk e.g: coconut milk with rice) with banana and honey. Because it’s the weekend I decided to add some strawberries. Yum! NYFW is happening so I check Instagram to see what’s going on.

12.00 I’ve been doing school work for the past couple of hours. I usually spend my Sunday morning like this so that I can get most of next week’s homework done. After that I will go for a quick run + workout. Most weeks I don’t have time for it, but it feels nice to get your body moving.

13.24 End up just doing a quick workout at home and a few minutes of stretching. I really want to start stretching more and re-gain the flexibility I had when I used to dance.

14.45 Just finished lunch with my mum & dad. We ate some pasta and salad. Now it’s coffee time while working on my blog.

16.45 OK, so my after-lunch-break got a little too long since I was preparing an upcoming blog post. But now it’s time to do some more school work!

18.40 I just took a break from school work and decided to finish the post I was working on before on the blog (check it out here). I have put a lot of time in it so I hope people like it & find it useful. Now back to finish my homework.

20.10 Dinner time! And of course, today we are having our “typical” winter Sunday night meal: soup + cheese omelet and yogurt. Then it’s time to watch a bit of TV (we’re currently watching Riverdale).

21.26 Getting un-ready to go to bed. I like to end the day by reading a book. Right now, I’m switching between ‘Fashion. The whole history’ and school related readings. On school days I go to sleep at around 22.15. Good night!

Monday, 10th of February 2020

7.00 Good morning and happy week!

7.45 It’s now time to go to school. I just had breakfast (same as yesterday) with my mum while checking the Oscars winners. I’m so happy that Little Women won best costume and Parasite best picture!

14.00 Back home after school. On Mondays I get out of school earlier. Now I will do a bit more of research about who wore what on the Oscars red carpet while eating an apple. Then, I will go to the gym with my mum.

15.30 I’m back from the gym, now going to have something for lunch. It’s been a busy day… After that, a quick shower and school work again. Hopefully, I will have some free time and I can post on Instagram my favourite Oscars looks.

17.00 Doing homework & more homework.

20.00 I went to the dentist to pick up something. Now I’ll post my favourite looks from the Oscars 2020, in my opinion, the best look from the red carpet goes to Natalie Portman, she always knows how to make a political statement with what she wears.

20.10 Heading downstairs to have dinner with my family. Today we have a salad with chicken and crème caramel for dessert. Then we will watch another episode of Riverdale.

21.45 After a busy Monday, good night! I’m going to read a few pages of the book we are reading in Catalan for school and will go to sleep at 22.15. Signing off!

Love, M.

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