Last Minute Christmas 2019 Gift Guide pt.2

Welcome back! Here it goes part 2 of my Last Minute Christmas 2019 Gift Guide. If you didn’t read the first part, where I covered gifts for those who like fashion, books and all things Christmas, here’s the link. In today’s post, you will find some ideas on what to give to people who like stationery, table games and want to be more sustainable. Oh, and at the end you will find some other random gift ideas.

DEVOTION FOR STATIONERY: There are always those who love all the things that involve cute stationery (and I include myself in this group) and this can also be the perfect gift for someone who wants to get more organised in 2020. Some original/especial pens or pencils like these or these others from Muji are a nice option. One thing that I also really like are little notebooks, the brand Flying Tiger always has cute ones. You can also give a laptop case (here you have one from Lava) or even a cool pencil case (Urban Outfitters is the way to go if you want an original pencil case). Finally, if you want them to give something they will 100% use, go for a planner (Octàgon).

GAME TIME: A great table game can be the perfect present. There are lots of options out there and I feel like, based on what they like, you can find a game that suits each person. Nowadays there are monopoly games with lots of different themes (from Stranger Things to Friends, you can find lots of options). Another great game is Black Stories which has different mysteries and you have to try to solve them. Some other games I have are Jungle Speed and Parauleja . You can also always give a classic such as UNO, Connect Four, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Ludo (parxís), Guess who?, Cluedo or Game of the Goose. Finally, here are some table games I have never played, but they look quite fun: We’re Not Really Strangers, Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme.

FOR THE PLANET: I feel like these past few months people have started to become more aware of the impact that we, humans, have on our planet. Here you have some products you can give to encourage people to become a bit more eco-friendly. I feel like one thing that can be really useful is a water bottle (these from Natura come in so many colours). If they usually take away food from home to work, a lunch box can also be a nice gift (this one from Lékue is really beautiful and it also seems useful). Different types of reusable bags can also come in handy (here you have an option from Natura to put your fruit and vegetables and this one from Baggu which you can use for everything). A thermos (UO) or a reusable coffee cup (UO) can also be really useful.

Finally, if you want to give clothes, but at the same time be eco-conscious, here you have some sustainable fashion brands: Everlane, Reformation, Pact and Lucy & Yack. And you can always thrift / shop second hand! Remember, it’s really difficult to be 100% sustainable, but the small changes are what makes the difference.

OTHER IDEAS: To end this Last Minute Christmas 2019 Gift Guide I wanted to add some other random gifts. If you want to give them different little things you know they like such as chocolate, beauty products or bits & bobs, you can put them all together in a cute bag or box so that it looks more put together. If you want to give a DIY you can create a photo album. Another great idea would be to give a product you know they use a lot and that needs replacement. Finally, most people also love chocolate and personalised gifts.

And that is it for my Last Minute Christmas 2019 Gift Guide. I hope it was useful if you needed some ideas on what to give this Christmas or if you didn’t know what to ask for.

Love, M.

FRONT IMAGE ILLUSTRATIONS by Libby VanderPloeg (Instagram/Web)

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