Last Minute Christmas 2019 Gift Guide pt.1

Buying Christmas presents can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially if you’ve been procrastinating to do so since the beginning of December. But worry not, because here you will find the first part of my Last Minute Christmas 2019 Gift Guide!

I decided to group the gifts in different categories. In this post I’m sharing the BOOKWORM, FASHION LOVER and ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS ones. But on the next post, you will find some more.

BOOKWORM: Gifting a good book is always a great option, especially if it’s related to a topic they really like. Some books I have read over the past months and liked are: the trilogy of Otoño en Londres by Andrea Izquierdo & Looking for Alaska by John Green. I’m currently reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan and in my reading list I have Factfulness by Hans Rosling & Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney. I also think that an especial edition of your favourite book can also be a nice gift.

FASHION LOVER: For those who love fashion, I’ve got you covered. I feel that a coat can be a great gift because, even though it can be more on the expensive side, it is something you know they are going to wear. Here you have some options from Weekday, & other stories and House Of Sunny. Another good option could be an accessory such as some jewellrey (pearl hair clips like these from Maria Pascual are really trendy right now and I also love this initial necklace from PDPAOLA) or a cool bag like this one from Friday by JW PEI. You could also give a fashion related book or even an annual Vogue subscription. Finally, I recently found a really cool company called IAIOS which makes really cool sweaters from 100% recycled thread. I particularly really like these two called Lindgren and Avi Amadeu.

ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS: Another good idea when it comes to what to give, is to give something related to Christmas. There are lots of Christmassy things and there is something for everyone! If you want to make their bedroom more festive, a good option are blankets. Pyjamas (Oysho or Oysho) are also a really good idea or even Christmas bed sheets (Zara Home). Moving to kitchen stuff, a cute Christmas mug (Zara Home) makes the perfect gift and you can pair it with a Christmas tea (like this one from the Tea Shop which tastes like Christmas even though, for me, it’s a bit too sweet). Finally, Christmas candles (these tin candles from Anthropologie look like they smell amazing) and Christmas tree ornaments (Paperchase has some really cool ones) are great too.

That’s it for today’s post. I hope it was helpful & that you now have more ideas on what to give to your close ones this Christmas. Stay tuned for part two of my Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2019, it will be up very soon!

Love, M.

FRONT IMAGE ILLUSTRATIONS by Petra Braun (Instagram/Web)

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