Sweater & Sweatshirt Collection ♡

Hi there! The cold weather seems to be finally here, which means it’s time to wear chunky sweaters and be cosy in our sweatshirts. So today I’m sharing with you some of my favourite sweaters & sweatshirts I own. Here they are!

Love this sweater so much! The colours in it are gorgeous and those blue tones really remind me of Winter. It is also so soft.
THIS IS MY FLUFFY SWEATER. I usually wear it when it is really cold outside because it keeps you really warm. All the inside is covered in this soft faux fur and it is also perfect if you are going outside but don’t want to wear a jacket.
A really light sweater, which I also love! I have had it for a few years now and I wear it so much, especially during December & January, just because I feel like the pattern around the neck is quite festive.
The perfect oversized + cosy sweater has to be this one. It’s really warm and goes with many things. Also, it’s in a pretty shade of maroon which makes it perfect for Autumn time.
This is probably my favourite sweater ever! Just because it has everything I like: the pink colour is so beautiful, it has a kind of Christmassy pattern, it’s really warm… All in all, just perfect!
OK, I’m starting to notice a pattern here since this is… another pink sweatshirt. I feel like this one is more for warm days just because the colours and the shape reminds me of a strawberry ice cream, hahaha!
This is my go-to sweatshirt, I wear it soooo much. It’s pretty basic but I love how it says United States of Awesome.
Another Christmassy sweater! I absolutely love them! It is in these pretty blue colours and it also has a bit of golden touches. It’s also reeeally soft.
And last but certainly not least, this sweatshirt in this pretty green shadow. I love the colour and thickness of it! I bought it on sales last Summer and have been wearing it almost every week ever since. Actually, I’m wearing it while writing this post.

And that’s a wrap! These are some of my favourite sweaters and sweatshirts from my wardrobe. I hope you liked this post!

Love, M.

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