Hi! It’s Mariona here! Today I wanted to share with you an outfits of the week type of post. Before I start, I would like to say that the outfits in this post are 100% what I really wore which means they might not be the best of the best but there are real.

With all these being said, here it goes what I wore this week!


First day of school of the week and I decided to wear something quite simple (what a surprise!). Today I wore my beloved green trousers together with my Polaroid T-shirt. As for shoes, comfort is always the way to go, so I wore my Birkenstocks. Finally, I put my hair in a braid and put on my silver hoop earrings.


Second day, let’s do this! Today I wore quite a simple outfit. I wore some basic blue mom jeans and a tie-dye T-shirt. For earrings, I wore one of my favourites, golden little loops with a lighting bolt and together with a golden necklace which has little moons. In order to keep my hair out of my face, I put it into a ponytail (pretty much how I style my hair every day).


One of my current favourite outfits! I’m in love with this long sleeves pink shirt and together with some jeans, I think they are the perfect combination for Autumn. Today I’m wearing white sneakers but maybe when it starts getting colder, some combat boots could look really cool. And again, same jewelry as yesterday.


I’m really proud of today’s outfit because when it comes to school-days it can be hard to wear something besides jeans + shirt/sweater. My #ootd consists of black pants (which are really wide & comfortable) and an old graphic tee. To give it a more informal look I wore my white sneakers and added a scrunchie.


Today there is a Global Climate Strike so because I want to be comfortable during the demostration, I decided to wear a basic outfit. I’m wearing really comfortable jeans and a dark grey T-shirt. My also comfortable sneakers & same jewelry as most of the days. Oh, and I put my hair in a braid because I recently have discovered how practical it is (easy to do & lasts all day).


Since today I’m not going anywhere special besides to the gym, I could have stayed in my pyjamas all day and only my family would have noticed. However, I like to put on an outfit to feel more productive. I’m currently wearing a really pretty off-white blouse and beige pants. Because I’m at home, I’m not wearing any shoes but I think this outfit would look great with black combat boots (yes, I have put them only for the picture).


Second-to-last day of September! Wow, this month has gone by sooo fast! Today was a messy bun & getting stuff done type of day. Being honest, I wore my pyjamas until noon but then I decided to change and wore something more “presentable”. I’m wearing my green sweater together with some black mom jeans (which were at the bottom of my closet, so I haven’t worn them for so long). For shoes, I’m wearing my beach sandals which is what I wear when I’m at home during the Summer.

That is all! This was my week in outfits! I really hope you liked it & that you got some outfit inspo!

Love, M.

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