Hiiiii! Given that Summer is ending soon, I wanted to come here and write a little list of some of the things I did these past months & loved. When a season ends, I tend to reflect on everything that has happened during that time and this Summer has been a good one.

  • I went to Italy for the first time & visited Rome. Five wonderful days!
  • “Señorita” came out and it became the song of my Summer 2019
  • I celebrated “Sant Joan” with my friends
  • I spent lots of time in the pool
  • I attended a summer course, all about fashion, design & photography in which I designed a skirt + T-shirt
  • I ate delicious food and I especially loved trying new breakfasts
  • I wore all my Summer dresses and it felt great
  • I was able to watch many (probably too many) sunsets and was amazed by every single one
  • I went on a road trip to Germany with my parents & my sister and had such an incredible time and we were lucky enough to see a beautiful rainbow
  • I listened to all my favourite music
  • I got Vogue issues from different countries (Italy, France, Germany & Spain!)
  • I spent time with my family & friends
  • I took looooooots of pictures!
  • I started drinking coffee and I really liked it (especially with ice so that it is really cold)
  • I watched quite a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother & Gossip Girl
  • I went to the beach with my sister & mum
  • Taylor Swift released her new album and it was a blessing to our ears
  • I went shopping with my sister
  • I started writing on my blog again
  • I went hiking with my family
  • I watched the film “Yesterday” and now I can’t stop listening The Beatles’ songs
  • New York Fashion Week happened and I really loved seeing all the amazing clothes, designers & street style looks
  • We celebrated the National Day of Catalonia (11th of September)

So here it is a list of all the moments that came randomly to my mind (while I was listening to some music) and that I’m really grateful for.

Writing a list of things I’m thankful for is something I had never done before but it felt really good. I totally encourage you to do so (and if you want, you can share something you are grateful for in the comments). I will try to do one of these posts each season.

Love, M.

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