Here I am again, sitting in front of my computer and thinking about an original/funny/memorable way to start the post. I must say, it all feels kind of a “déjà vu”.

A few months ago, I wrote what I thought it will be my last post here and I said goodbye to Marioness or at least, goodbye to an era of my life. I don’t know if deep inside me, I knew this so called post, wouldn’t be the final one, but reading it back, I couldn’t help to notice how I wrote ” It can be a see you later for a moment, a bye-bye for a month or a goodbye for now”. It turns out it was only a goodbye for now.

But, let me tell you how I ended up here. After writing the farewell post, I must admit I did not miss blogging at all but when Summer started, I began thinking about this blog. So one day, I decided to re-read some of my old posts and at that moment, I realized how much I wanted to begin blogging again. I said to myself, why not?, there’s something I love about writing & creating. And here I am, again.

Lots of things have happened during these months, but I am happier than ever to be back. This time I plan to continue to share with you all the bits and pieces I like and I am passionate about (this includes fashion, music, photography, movies, …) but possibly, in shorter posts since I don’t know how much time I will have to update the blog. Because this is something I really like, I will be posting whenever I feel like and when I have something I want to share. No pressure.

All being said, let’s start this new journey!

Love, M.

4 thoughts on “HI!”

  1. J

    Ben tornada Marioness!!!

    Sergi Blasi

    Departament de Producció

    ROVASI Positive Lighting


    Tel +34 93 881 35 12


    Les seves dades seran tractades, com a responsable, per Rovasi, S.L. amb la finalitat de mantenir la relació comercial amb vostè o la seva empresa, així com per remetre-li informació del seu interès sobre els nostres productes o serveis. La base pels esmentats tractaments serà el compliment contractual i per als enviaments, un interès legítim de Rovasi (art. 21.2 L 34/2002) o el seu consentiment, si no és client ( art 21.1 L 34/2002) . Tret d’aquelles que resultin imprescindibles o obligades per la llei, no es preveuen comunicacions a tercers. Les seves dades es tractaràn mentre resulti imprescindible o, respecte als enviaments, fins que no manifesti el contrari. Pot sol.licitar més informació o exercir els seus drets d’accés, rectificació, supressio, oposició, limitació al tractament, portabilitat de dades i no ser objecte de decisions automatitzades, a l’adreça postal: C/ Nàpols, 113-115 08013 Barcelona, a: http://www.rovasi.com/ca/legal-note o a l’email privacy@rovasi.com

    Pensi abans d’imprimir

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