Fashion Tips For The Cold Season

The cold season is in full swing! And especially during those two months after Christmas (I’m talking about January and February) you can really feel the crispy air.

That’s why, with temperatures dropping everyday, all you want to do is try to be warm enough by wearing endless layers. Which can be sometimes not the most convenient situation. Because on top of being warm we still want to be stylish and that, my friends, can be a bit complicated during Winter.

But don’t worry! Below I listed some of the tips I love to follow during the cold season so that I can be warm but still feel good with what I wore.


They are a classic, but that’s because they work. This type of boots literally go with everything and they are so comfortable. A pro tip is to find ones that also have inner wool to keep you warmer!


Especially with sweaters this tip works perfectly. Not only oversized sweaters are usually more comfortable, but they also allow you to wear below as many layers as you want. Oh, and you can style them in so many ways!


I haven’t been putting this one into practice lately. But I got a high neck shirt and a turtle neck sweater recently, so I will be wearing them a lot for sure. I think this is such a great option if you want to keep your neck warm and also turtle necks have something special that makes them really elegant.


When Winter is here, layering is something we can’t avoid, but it doesn’t have to be something bad. In fact, I have seen so many cool outfits with more than three layers and even two coats. The secret is to find what fits for you and be ready to rock it!


This is literally perfect if you still want to wear your favourite sneakers when it’s cold outside. All you have to do is add some cool & original socks that will not only keep you warm but they will also add something special to the look. I personally love to wear glittery ones!


A tip I find sooooo useful is this one. Because we all love chunky sweaters and there’s nothing bad with wearing them a bit thrown away. But if we are going for a more put together outfit, I suggest to tuck it a bit in your trousers. It really makes the difference.

Now that I got you covered for this cold season, go outside and enjoy it! And remember you can still feel yourself with what are you wearing and be warm.

Love, M.


13 thoughts on “Fashion Tips For The Cold Season”

    1. Thank youuuu so much for the sweet comments! I know that Winter style can be difficult but what I really think about it is just layer and try it! Hahah! So happy to hear that this post was useful for you! Let me know if you put into practice any of these! Also, thanks! It makes me so happy that you love my photography, I always put so much work in it!

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  1. Love this post, your advice, and especially your photos! I currently don’t own any turtle necks but you are so right, they are incredibly elegant and I definitely need to get myself one soon =)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for this sweet comment!! Yes, they defintely make your look soooo much better! If you get one let me know! There are so many cool looks you can put together with them and they keep you so warm!

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