Christmas Nail Polish Colours

Hello everybody & welcome to the eleventh day of 12 Days Of Christmas by Marioness! I can’t believe Christmas is in two days but, I’m really excited for the 25th to finally arrive!

During all these days of 12 Days Of Christmas by Marioness, I have shown you my favourite cookie recipe, I have told you a few gift ideas, I have shared with you my Christmas playlist, I have listed my favourite coats for the season and I even have reviewed some movies to watch during the holidays.

I pretty much got you covered on everything Christmas related, but there’s one thing missing, a bit of beauty! That’s why, today I’m sharing with you four nail polish colours that are perfect to wear during Christmas season.


Nothing screams Christmas more than a good old golden nail polish. It’s a classic, but that’s because it can go with everything. You can paint all of your nails in a golden colour or go for just little details or even add some golden glitter on top of another colour. There’s a wide range!


Yet another classic. A red nail polish will make your nails be the center of your Christmas look. In this case, you have to be more careful about what you wear with it. But it really makes a difference to wear a basic black dress to wear the same dress but with red nails.


This one is honestly perfect to wear it all year long, but especially during Winter. I think it is a really basic colour, but it gives something different to your look. This the one for those who love to make a statement with their nails.


If you are the kind of people that loves having their nails done, but doesn’t want them to be too bold and more important wants them to go with everything, the nude is your best choice. It’s tactful and elegant, the perfect combination for this holidays.

Love, M.


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