My Christmas Playlist

Hello everybody & welcome to the fifth day of 12 Days Of Christmas by Marioness!

I’m writing this post while listening to Christmas music because there’s nothing better than listening to Christmas music non-stop during December or every month (yes, I’ve been listening to Christmas since October).

We all love to have festive music playing while we are eating, we love to sing it out loud in the car, we love to listen to it while being with our family, we love to listen while we have some down time, basically we love to listen to Christmas music ALL THE TIME.

That’s why, to keep me going during this holidays, I have created my own Christmas playlist on Spotify. Is the result of my love for Christmas and the fact that I’ve been listening to Christmas music for two months.

Here is the link:

In it you’ll find a bit of everything from the classic songs sunged by Michael Bublé to some Ariana Grande’s songs. And even Pentatonix and of course, Everyday Is Christmas by Sia, because the songs in it are just too good!

Hope you enjoy this music selection & that you’ve a fun time while playing, listening, singing & rocking them!

Love, M.


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