The Perfect Christmas Cookies

Hello everybody & welcome to the first day of 12 Days Of Christmas by Marioness!

To begin this festive series, I want to share with you the perfect recipe to make Christmas cookies. Because for me, Christmas isn’t Christmas without some good old sugar cookies! I love cooking them with friends or family while Christmas songs are playing all around the house.

I’m sure most of us have attempted at least one time to make this type of cookies but we haven’t always succeeded. This was me until I discovered this recipe! After trying it once (and getting delicious cookies from it), all I want to do this holidays is cook more and eat them, of course!

Here you have the link to the recipe:

As it says on the web, this sugar cookie recipe is not only soft and flavorful, it also needs no chilling so it’s perfect for last-minute decisions. You can also add some cocoa powder if you want to make chocolate cookies.

Hope you make lots of cookies this holidays and that you enjoy the process & eating them!

Love, M.


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