What Is Fashion?

WHAT IS FASHION? This is a question I constantly think about. Is fashion just a bunch of clothes? Is fashion the clothing stores on the streets? Is fashion what we wear? Is fashion just trends that come & go? Is fashion a waste of time?

No, or at least not for me. Fashion for me is much more than the clothes we wear, it’s a world of its own. I love checking the clothing brands to see if there’s something new but I also get really excited when Fashion Week happens twice a year. I love reading Vogue, but I also spend lots of time scrolling through fashion blogs. I love getting inspiration from models, but also finding out more about the industry. Because FASHION is something we do together, fashion creates a community.

Because it’s a community, the opinion of one person may count, but what really makes the difference is what people think. Which made me wonder, what people really think about fashion?


“Fashion is the clothing choices you make to represent you”

“Fashion is the view society has on you so if you’re “on trend” then you’re a fashionable person”

“Fashion is for me whatever people feel comfortable with”

“Fashion is ART”

These are the answers I got after I asked on Instagram “What Is Fashion?” and now I would like to ask the same question here! Let me know in the comments your opinions and let’s discuss this topic!

Love, M.


10 thoughts on “What Is Fashion?”

    1. Thanks a lot! I’m trying to do different things with my blog, I want to give it a more magazine/editorial look. And it makes me so happy to see a good feedback. Also, if you have any tips or see something I could improve, let me know! :)


    1. Hi tinkerlatina! I’m fine thank you! What about you? I completely agree with you, fashion is so important in our world and sometimes we don’t realise this.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you liked this post! Would love to do this kind of “writting my ideas” post in the future. It was so easy to write, because you just have to find the right words to express your thoughts. xx


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