Pick Only One // November Favourites

Hello everybody & welcome back to my blog!

Today I’ve decided to share with you some of my latest favourites. Mainly because I want to share with you some of my discoveries, what I’ve been doing, what I like… but also because it has been so long since I did one of those.

To make things a bit different I’ve created a list of the things I would choose if I could only choose one. It may sound a little odd, but see it for yourself below! So here you have the clothes I’ve loved, what I have enjoyed eating, what I have used… this month.


PICK ONLY ONE BOOK… Invierno en Las Vegas“. This is the latest book I’ve read and I totally loved it. If you know more about it, check this review I did here!


PICK ONLY ONE MOVIE… Right now I would choose “To all the boys I’ve loved before“. It’s the perfect movie for those who love rom-coms and both characters are just too cute. I recommend it 100%!


PICK ONLY ONE SONG… I’m totally in love with the orchestral version of “Consequences” from Camila Cabello. The song is so beautiful and it has a touch of nostalgia as well. The video clip seems is something from another world, it’s so cute and it features Dylan Sprouse.

PICK ONLY ONE APP… Recently I’ve tried to be more active on Twitter and I’m starting to like it more. So yes, I would choose this one. If you have a Twitter account, I would love to see you there. Come & say hi!


PICK ONLY A PAIR OF SHOES… Maybe it’s because I love them or maybe because they are nearly the only option I have, but right now I’ve been wearing my white sneakers every day. They are so comfortable & go with everything!

PICK ONLY A PAIR OF TROUSERS… I’m loving the ones I recently bought! They are something I’m not used to wear, but they fit me so well. They are from Pull&Bear and combine two trends that are really in right now: corduroy & bell-bottoms.


PCIK ONLY ONE SWEATER… I will totally choose my really cozy sweater from Pepe Jeans. It’s currently my favourite item of clothing and I can’t wait to wear it during Christmas. It’s so beautiful!


PICK ONLY ONE BEAUTY PRODUCT… My go-to perfume. I use one of the Zoella Beauty that I got two Christmases ago, but that I’ve been using a lot these last few weeks. It’s smells really good and it’s so subtle.

PICK ONLY ONE ORGANIZATION ITEM… Right now I’m using A LOT my agenda because it helps me to keep me organized and plan all the things I want to do. And it’s crucial if you want to do lots of things, including school, writing my blog, dancing classes…

PICK ONLY ONE DISH… As you know, I love breakfast. It’s probably my favourite meal of all the day. And since Summer I’ve been loving having oatmeal with a yogurt and some honey. It’s delicious!


PICK ONLY ONE COLOUR… I’m amazed by how the nature turns into really beautiful colours during this time of the year. It’s one of the reasons I love Autumn and each year it astonishes me.

PICK ONLY ONE FEELING… I love the feeling the Winter/Autumn sunlight on my skin and how warm it makes you feel.

Love, M.


4 thoughts on “Pick Only One // November Favourites”

    1. Thank you girl! And yes, I thought this is a more original format than the usual favourite posts (which I love to read though). I’m so happy to read that you like it! :)


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