Sweater Weather // My Collection

Sweater weather has arrived where I live! And I’ve finally been able to wear my favourite sweatshirts & sweaters without dying of heat in the attempt. Because being honest, after all the hot weather from Summer, there’s a time where you just want the cold to arrive and get cosy with your favourite sweaters.

That’s why after rediscovering some of those pieces that I had saved last Winter, I wanted to share with you my favourite sweatshirts & sweaters for this season! Because there’s nothing like finding that sweater you know it’s going to become your favourite!


Springfield Green Sweater: I’ve had this sweater for a long time now and I still find new ways to wear it. I personally find it really versatile and because it’s really thin it can also be worn as a shirt.

sweater5 (1)

Pepe Jeans Sweatshirt: I’m totally in love with the colour combination of this sweatshirt and I must say that I knew I wanted it, the first time I saw it. It’s perfect to wear with some blue mom jeans & so comfy!


Springfield Pink Sweater: I find this sweater perfect for the colder days, it’s really easy to make an outfit to work with it. And it adds a pop of pink to the darker colours of Winter. It’s definitely one of my most used sweaters.


Pull&Bear Sweatshirt: This is the most comfortable sweatshirt I’ve ever worn & probably my most used one. It’s also my go-to option during school days, because it really goes with everything. It’s like my comfort piece of clothing!


Green Chunky Sweater: I love how this sweater keeps me warm during cold days. The best way is to pair it with some black pants which make such a cool outfit but it also looks great with black jeans. I also love the studded black detail

Diseño sin título (1)

Pepe Jeans Sweater: And to end, we have my latest edition to the collection, my beloved Pepe Jean’s Sweater! I’m completely in love with it and I’m planning on wearing it a lot during this season. It’s so beautiful.

And there you have it! My six favourite sweaters & sweatshirts of this season. I love every single one and I can’t wait to wear them through this season. Hope I also gave you some inspiration for your Winter purchases!

Love, M.


5 thoughts on “Sweater Weather // My Collection”

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, I’m really proud of my collection, I feel like there’s a bit of everything. It happens the same to me, but one tip I like to follow is to buy things outside your comfort zone! If you do this, I’m sure you’ll find different things from the ones you have. And I’m so happy I gave you inspiration, let me know if you buy a new sweater or two! ;)

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