Five Shows From Paris Fashion Week And My Opinion

After spending the last few days scrolling through all the photos from the Paris Fashion Week shows in Vogue, I’ve come to two conclusions: I love fashion (what a surprise!) because I don’t think that someone who isn’t passionate about this industry would have spent any time doing this. And that the PFW has some of the best shows in the industry which leads to create a magical atmosphere during this time of the year. Even though this post isn’t as relatable as it was a week ago, I’ve spent so much time working on it and I wanted to share it with you!

So here you have some of my favourite shows of this year’s Paris Fashion Week. I’m sure this post is missing many others that were also incredibly good, so tell me in the comments which post would you add to the list!


Over the years Chanel has brought different sets to its fashion show, from supermarkets to a space ship going through an airport terminal. So it wasn’t a surprise when this season’s location was “sur la plage”. Being honest, it wasn’t an actual beach, but yes a set with actual waves.



Since it took place on a beach, the models weren’t wearing shoes, but who need it those when all the other clothes were so beautiful? The Chanel logo was everywhere together with an overdose of jewelry that surprisingly was matched with black leggings. And a bunch of wide shoulders & wide pants making it look like a skirt were also seen on Chanel’s beach. The spring pastel tones (yellow & pink) are also coming back with wearing only a long shirt or a blazer. And handbags can be worn in two ways: pairing it together or grabbing a medium one with the hand.


We know Jacquemus for its big straw hats from last season. And oops! He did it again! He also went big this time but with raffia bags. I don’t know if they are practical but they are so huge that I’m sure you can fit everything you need to go to the beach.



Watching all the looks from this show, one thing that pops up is the really tiny straps which gave you no other option than going braless. But also how short the dresses are and the big leg openings on the longer ones. About the colours I’ve seen lots of white (perfect for Spring/Summer!) but also navy, which is more odd during the hot season. The collection was totally inspired by a paradisiacal getaway that’s why wrapped things appeared everywhere. Finally, there was a lot of contrast between the big raffia bags and the tiny purses some models were wearing.


This show put together two of my favourite things: dancing & fashion. So as you may imagine, I was completely in love with it when I saw the first pictures.  Because this time you didn’t only see the models walking, there was a show inside the show. Just watch some videos & see it for yourself! It looked magical.



As I’ve said, this season, Dior decided to focus on the dance. And you could clearly see that with the huge amount of neutral colours (black, nude & white) together with all the transparencies. What we also saw was girly dresses paired with sneakers & blazers which gave to the looks a casual vibe. And we could also appreciate some clothes that have made a comeback such as the saddle bag or fishnet. Monochromes were also seen all the time, especially in skin tones.


Just starting with the fact that the venue had the Eiffel Tower on the background you can imagine it was a magical show. There was also lots of black and what we like to call a masculine-feminine style, those clothes that everybody can wear. And of course, that mysterious yet elegant vibe.

Yves Saint Laurent


A lot of black was seen in this show, but with some masculine touches. What has become the trend of this season also appeared in the form of snake skin boots and leopard print. You could also appreciate the 60s, 70s & 80s inspiration with The Beatles looks, hippie style and big shoulders. And if you go way back in history, you could see how Anthony Vacarello was getting inspiration from the far west with big belts and the Victorian times with lots of ruffles on the sleeves. Finally, touches of metallic were everywhere and he also presented lots of transparencies.


Where can I start? The venue was a sleek glass tunnel full of neon lights which created a magical optical illusion. And this futuristic prop was a great contrast with the courtyard of the old Louvre. The main thing I can say about this show is that it was a complete mix & match full of bright colours but also more neutral ones.

Louis Vuitton


In this show, you could clearly see all the 80s references: big sleeves, wide shoulders… But it was also kind of futuristic meets vintage, which can look really cool. I was surprised, but the huge amount of different patterns but also how the outfits mixed totally different textures. The colours were all about blues & really bright ones. There were also masculine touches, but with a marked waistline. And sleeves with lots of ruffles. It was a complete collection!

And these are the five shows I wanted to comment with you! I know it was a long post, but fashion just makes me so excited and I love talking about it. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

Love, M.

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