Lessons We Can Learn From The #LFW Street Style

Who hasn’t found herself sighing while watching all the street style looks through her computer screen. Because it looks so good on them, but when it comes to copying the outfits lets just say that the reality can be far from what we expected.

But why if instead of copying a whole look (which can be so hard) we tried to find the essence of what makes it amazing? This way we would focus on an idea (a more subjective thing) and our probabilities of succeeding would be higher.

That’s why today I’m sharing with you six lessons we can learn from the London Fashion Week street style. Because there isn’t such a thing like the British style together with the most important people in fashion!

A white shirt is a must in your wardrobe because you can wear it in multiple ways

White Shirt

I feel like this piece can be worn in multiple ways, you can style it in a casual look, but at the same time make it more fancy if you combine it with a skirt. It’s also perfect for Summer but you can wear it all year long! It’s what we call a staple in your closet.

Denim + Denim might be difficult to wear, but if you find the right combo it’s your best ally


Yeah, it can be so hard to find those two pieces that look perfect together, but when you do, you won’t be able to imagine your outfits with them. My favourite denim combination has to be an oversized jacket with mom jeans!

If you’re doubting, wear a blazer! It can save your outfit


Because if you know how to wear it, it makes you look much more elegant and put together. It isn’t something I would wear daily (although there are people who can totally pull it off), but it brings something different to your outfit.

Plaid, Tartan & Check are a British favourite

Plaid, Tartan, Check

When we think about British style, the first thing that comes to our mind is the check pattern and how stylish it is. But we can’t forget plaid & tartan because all three together make the patterns of our dreams.

Coats were meant to be long, and that’s it!

Long Coats

It might be still quite hot, but I’ve already started looking for coat inspiration in Pinterest & what are the options in the stores. And what can I say? I can’t resist at the bunch of coats that appear during this season and how cosy they seem.

And all black outfit is always a good idea.

All Black

Black is a not so happy colour, but when it comes to your outfit it’s a safe colour. It makes you stylish, you can find multiple clothes in this colour… And an all black outfit is an eternal look that will always be there for your moments of “I don’t know what to wear”.

All pics from British Vogue & Elle Magazine

Love, M.

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