Summer Reflection

Coming from “El Camino”. Late night. Doing my FCE. “Sant Joan” night. Working for the first time. Watching lots of PLL episodes. Celebrating our own kind of 4th of July. Going to see some beautiful lakes. Doing trips with the family. Visiting the History Museum of Catalonia. Going to Portaventura. Being so tired by the end of the second day. Getting my FCE results (I passed!). Summer sunsets are so beautiful. Painting my nails pastel. Helping a clothes store. Els Catarres concert with friends. Staycations. Watching Mamma Mia two times. Getting obsessed by Mamma Mia songs. Wore a floral dress 24/7. Celebrating my sister & I’s saint. Went bowling. Being excited for the cold season fashion. August storms. Nature pictures. Photoshoot with my friends. Beach days with mum & sister. There are a few days left until starting school again. Eating a lot of pizza. Suddenly cutting my hair. Babysitting my cousins. Starting dance practice again. Starting fresh with my blog.

My holidays haven’t finished yet, I have a few days left! So I’m sure that there will be more memories that I will add to this list!

Love, M.

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Ps. How have your holidays been? Let me know in the comments!

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