Musical Diary #1 // Summer Vibes

Hello everybody! I recently was reading the new Vogue Spain issue when I came across a section called Musical Diary where every month a different person lists their favourite songs and what day of the week they would listen it to.

I think it’s a really cool way to share the songs you’re loving at the moments so I decided to start a monthly section on my blog where I would be sharing my favourite songs. Hope you like the idea! Here goes the first one full of Summer Vibes!

1. MONDAY it’s time for END GAME by TAYLOR SWIFT

Beginning the week with no other than Taylor Swift! And one of my favourite songs for her latest album, it’s End Game. I love the song & the video clip!

Listen to End Game!



Next, we have a really special song from the Catalan group Txarango. I recently saw them live and this song was the one I liked the most.

Listen to Agafant L’Horitzó!

tuesday (1)


Couldn’t end the post without this song! It has a really happy vibe, which is perfect for those Summer afternoons. It’s Nervous form the latest album of Shawn Mendes.

Listen to Nervous!

wednesday (1)

4. THRUSDAY it’s time for BARBIE GIRL by AQUA

Just because #throwbackthursday . I choose Barbie Girl, a classic. It’s so catchy that I’m sure you will be humming it all Summer long.

Listen to Barbie Girl!

thursday (1)

5. FRIDAY it’s time for WATERLOO by MAMMA MIA 2

To get in the mood for the weekend we have Waterloo, one of my favourite songs from the film of the Summer: Mamma Mia 2. A must watch if you haven’t already!

Listen to Waterloo!

friday (1)

6. SATURDAY  it’s time for HAPPIER by ED SHEERAN

This song has been a lot on the radio during this Summer. And it’s one of those songs you can’t get out of your mind, but I really can’t complain about it. :)

Listen to Happier!

saturday (1)

7. SUNDAY it’s time for 2002 by ANNE-MARIE

Saying goodbye to the weekend is less harder with 2002 by Anne-Marie. After the song Friends along with Marshmello, she released 2002 which will  be her new hit!

Listen to 2002!


Love, M.

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6 thoughts on “Musical Diary #1 // Summer Vibes”

    1. Couldn’t agree more! End game is lne of my favourites and I’m also in love with the asthetic of the videoclip!
      So happy you liked my graphics, because they took a while to make!😂

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