Pillow Talk

Hello everybody! Today I’m sharing with you my answers to some random questions. This post was actually written a few months ago, but I ended up not posting it, although I don’t know why. So here we go!


Open Spotify, click the shuffle button and tell me the first 3 songs that come up…

“Understand” by Shawn Mendes, “Rock & Roll” by Els Catarres and “Perfect Strangers” by Jonas Blue..

If you were an actress, you would act in….

I don’t really know, but I think I would love to act in Harry Potter or The Princess Diaries or Now You See Me or some of my favourite series such as PLL, The 100…

You always think about…

Things I have to do, food;), new ideas…

Your favourite emojis are…

The happy face with red cheeks because I think it represents me, the laughing one because I just use it so often and finally the heart, not the red one but burgundy colour.

One colour…

Purple, I guess?

Cuántos pares de zapatos tienes?

No idea, let me count it, eight I think…

Do you collect something?

Right now, I’m collecting the Vogue magazine and when I was little I collected other magazine. With my family, we also have the tradition to buy a postcard from each place we go and keep it.

In your free time…

I like to write in my blog (obviously), I also like to read some books and look through some magazine such as Vogue. I also like listening to music & discovering new one. I practice dance four hours a week and I keep myself active working out from time to time. I like to take photos… basically, create things.

You want the closet of…

A mix between Alexa Chung, Gigi Hadid and I also like some Taylor Swift outfits. But mostly my dream closet will be a walk-in one.

You prefer being behind or in front of the camera?

I will have to say both. I really like being in front, but creating, directing and photographing is something that I also love.

The last thing you drank today?

Water. For lunch?

What is your best quality?

I think it is working until I don’t get what I want, but it can also turn into one of my worst qualities which is being so stubborn.

One sound you love and one that bothers you?

I like the sound of birds in the morning or the rain drops falling when it’s an afternoon you have nothing to do. And one that bothers me is the annoying sound that cutlery makes sometimes with plates.

What book are your currently reading?

I’m reading “Fuimos Canciones” in English “We Were Songs”, it’s a bilogy by Elísabet Benavent and I’m just starting it.

The last film you watched in the cinema?

Can’t remember, but it probably was during Chirstmas, I think it was the last Star Wars one.

Zodiac sign?


The last thing you bought?

For me, the Vogue Magazine but because it has just been my birthday I was given so many gifts. Would you like me to do a post about it?

Song that makes you smile?

Making your mind up by Bucks Fizz, I discovered when I went to London and I have loved it ever since.

You just got a trip to anywhere in the world… where would you go?

In New York, Los Angeles, Canada or London.

Love, M.

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